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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
Katie Jean O'Connor dashed up the front steps of her house with her arms full of books and her head full of dreams .....
Katie shook her head in mock despair. ( despair that you pretend to feel )
I've spent most of the day slaving at my computer in the nice, cool den, and I'm beat.
My car is parked in the driveway.
Katie stalked away, hoping she appeared cool and calm in spite of the fact that she was seething inside.
You know that we leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
I'll call just as soon as we get settled in our new house.
... her parents went through a kind of messy divorce, ......
Willie idolized his father and brother, and in his eyes they could do no wrong.
...... so he could become tough in mind and body.
Somehow I can't picture you as a lawyer.
Won't that get you home rather late.
.... she had asked her mother why she was so strict with her.
Willie and I can clear the table tonight. Why don't you go get ready for your date.
I'll be home around twelve or so.
A friend of mine, a very terrific friend, is moving here in a few days.
.... maybe we could set her up with your friend Rick ....
Occasionally, Katie did a brief spot covering the latest fads and fashions ....
We stopped at Joe's for a hamburger after the party and it was mobbed.
If you're drifting around somewhere on Cloud Nine, we don't stand a chance of beating those JC girls.
This is just like old times.
Remember how we used to pig out in Berlin before we went out searching for .....
This ugly duckling became a swan because ....... who couldn't stand the sight of her, so she made some changes.
.......but I was pretty awful there for a while.
Mr. Hadley was a real dreamboat, remember Katie ?
Wow, wait til the kids at school take a load of that.
Oh, I was going with a French boy in Paris for a while, but I ditched him when I found out he was seeing somebody else on the side.
Think you could update me on the garbage I missed while I was away.
That Friday evening, Katie and Scott double-dated with Melissa and Rick.
I've heard a lot about you, Melissa, but nothing I've heard does you justice.
.... he'd be very happy if I took over his practice some day
You looked so pretty in that white western outfit.
It doesn't mean a thing. Don't be paranoid.
Over the next two weeks, Katie saw very little of Melissa ..........
Katie decided to find out why Melissa had dropped Rick like a hot potato.
..... his family belongs to a really posh country club.
What are you doing home tonight ?
Monday's " Teen Scene " taping went off without a hitch.
I wonder what poor sap she'll hit on next ?
.... Melissa likes to play the field, but that doesn't make her a bad person.
Oh, Scott I hope you are not coming down with something. There is a lot of stomach flu going around.
..... you should give me some pointers about what to say so he doesn't take it the wrong way.
..... there must be girls hanging all over him afterward.
This is the exact same thing.
..... she felt guilty about keeping the news from him, but she couldn't bring herself to mention it.
I guess creative talent must run in O'Connor family.
..... congratulated her on landing the leading role in the musical.
Are you free the weekend of November 4 ?
I am sort of shy, and I'm not much of a talker, but if you poke me I'll probably rustle up a sentence or two

Ben : I guess maybe you're as nervous about talking to me as I am about talking to you.

Katie : That's about the size of it ( that's about the size of it spoken used to agree that what someone has said about a situation is a good or correct way of describing it )


Ben : I'll be sure to poke you a couple of times to get you going.

Katie : Okay. But not in the ribs. I am real ticklish.

..... but if we run into traffic, it could take longer .......
..... every time I come I feel kind of a glow.
For a while, I even thought about becoming a cadet, but I decided against it.
Do you want to freshen up or anything before we leave.
I bet Ben Anderson will flip out ( to feel very excited and like something very much ) when he sees you.
Katie gave him a mock scowl. ' Are you telling me I am getting fat ? '

Katie : He seems very cute.

Melissa : No romantic sparks ?

With or without false eyelashes on your nose, I like your looks.
Katie's heart went out to him. ' oh, I am not angry, in fact I am flattered ' You just took me by surprise, that's all.
Katie did a lot of heavy thinking on the plane ride back home that Sunday afternoon,
Katie's feeling of unease grew.
.... they saw Scott and Melissa making out in Scott's car.
.... she said it was exactly the other way around.
You and Scott are all wrong for each other .......
.... between sobs Katie poured out the whole ugly story.
I never trusted that boy. Obviously, I was right about him all along.
They treated her with tender concern .......
You never can tell where something like this can lead.
I wouldn't make any demands on you or anything
.... all the problems that had plagued them the night befor emagically disappeared.
You and Johnnie were always pretty tight ......
I am doing pretty well, all things considered.
.... when you do know, let me in on it.
It's been snowing like crazy up here.
.... the sunlight on all that snow is almost blinding
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