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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
Aren't you being a bit melodramatic ( behaving or talking in an excited way with strong emotion ), Tess ?
This great deal just fell in our laps.
My whole life is just wrecked.
I hope they feel guilty as anything !
She was in quite a state herself, finishing her current novel, trying .....
I liked looking at pretty scenery on vacation, but I had no desire to live out in the sticks. [ (out) in the sticks very far from a town or city ]
I loved being so close to Chicago. ... a world of movers and shakers.  I doubted there was any moving and shaking going on in Blossom Creek.
But all that evening, I had a sinking feeling.
Aren't you going to get over this funk (  in a (blue) funk very unhappy, worried, or afraid about something ) you're in ?
I managed a feeble smile.
... it did have a few signs of civilisation .....
Mom was holed up in her upstairs study, typing away on her computer at frenzied pace.
I'm sorry if I'm trespassing.
From the way you talk, I can tell you are not from around here.
There's no problem with this stuff --- it's just the usual red tape.
These locks are pretty old, and sometimes they get fouled up.
Looks like it's stuck.
I yanked again, but it still wouldn't budge.
Don't mind him, Luke has a grudge against the world.
He was tall and very well built, ............
... when she caught my eye, she motioned for me to join them.
He's so stuck on himself, it's sickening.
" Oh, lay off, Carter, " , there is nothing wrong with Luke.
When I turned back to the table, I saw Dawn regarding me with a wistful expression.
I'd just love it if Carter showed some interest in me.
The Stoddards have always been hard up, and now with Luke's father gone it's even worse.
He's got an awful lot on his mind, and he works real hard.
I am sorry I tripped you this morning.
I'm sorry I was so rude and all.
He was giving me such an unmistakably flirtatious look that I felt myself blushing.
... as Mr. Cassin accompanied me on the piano, I sang ......
I think she looks a little green, don't you ?
Who was that grim-looking character ( a person of a particular kind ), Tess ?
... he's always been serious, like he's got all the worries of the world on his shoulders.
I began to read and soon got caught up in the story.
On the off chance that somebody might hear, I started yelling ....
It tickles Sammy ! Cut it out.
He helped me to my feet --- actually my foot.
... he was wearing sweats and running shoes ..........
It's a bad sprain, but nothing appears to be broken.
Just to be on the safe side, though, I'm going to take an X-ray in case she or I missed something.
She took his death pretty hard.
It caused quite an uproar.
I would have to stay off that foot for a few days.
Well then, what did happen ? An old football injury act up ?
Folks around here know, she has more than a few screws loose.
That was more than twenty five years ago, she ought to be over it by now.
Don't get all riled up, Tess. You don't have to fly into a passion about it
But if you do get into a passion, why don't you get into one with me, not at me ?
Usually when a guy says a girl is nice, he means she's boring, or a goody-goody.
Oh, Luke just made this crack and it broke me up.
As for Carly, she continued to give me dirty looks in chorus, so I kept out of her way as much as possible.
You can't eat it raw because it's sour as anything.
You know, that first day I met you, you give me quite a start being up in Billy's old tree house.
Carter had made a major effort to get on my good side again ......
C'mon, you've never ridden my wheels before.
That was really juvenile, Carter ! I said in disgust.
Well, it would've been a nice gesture.
As I pulled up to the station ........
He'd probably appreciate having someone to help him catch up on things.
That would be real neighborly of you.
I am just irked at my brother for not ..... telling me.
It is real nice of you to go to this trouble and all.
My little sister got sick and Mom couldn't take off work.
Sorry I forgot to give Luke your message.
I don't want to pressure you or anything.
Luke Stoddard certainly was full of surprises, not to mention talent.
Mom and Dad were instantly on the alert and began the usual parental inquisition. ( a series of questions that someone asks you in a threatening or unpleasant way )
After a while they let up on me.
What if our voices didn't blend well ?
Luke's old pickup truck pulled up into the drive. ( the area or road between your house and the street )
My throat's starting to get a little scratchy.
Luke's lips were just a breath away from mine.
I completely lost track of time. I guess we'd better start back.
What a rotten end to what had been such a promising afternoon.

Tess : The Stoddard boy's quite the musician.

Luke : She is right ! The kid is a chip off the old block. ( to be very similar to your mother or father in appearance or character )

I regarded him in frustration.
Carter, on the other hand, was obviously trying to heat things up.
... her friends would think it was unsophisticated and definitely uncool.
I pitied whoever would have to clean up after the party.
This is my party and I don't want you fouling it up.

Carter : Here, buddy --- you get to drive. Tess and I will take the backseat.

Luke : I wasn't too pleased with this setup, either.

.... put the truck in reverse and backed out of the parking space ......
There was a tense, awkward silence as we rode along.
I was having a rotten time, too.

Carter : Sorry Tess, I have been talking your ear off.

Tess : I don't mind. It is about time you let it all out.

I figured they would wise up sooner or later.
I've just got a bad case of the jitters.
She doesn't look one bit jittery.
Luke and I waited while one act after another took the stage.
The minute we began to sing, I lost my stage fright.
I'd hang on to him if I was you.
Then he kissed very sweetly on the lips.
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