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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
Let me take a guess.
It is a worthy cause, ........
Michael, is Sam over there by any chance. ( used to ask politely whether something is true )
Then I'll just have to sell them on it, won't I ?
This time Sam's bear hug almost knocked the wind out of him. (=hit someone in the stomach so that they cannot breathe for a moment)
Don't tell me all twelve pairs of jeans are in the wash.
You can't always wrap him around your little finger, you know ? ( to be able to persuade someone to do anything that you want )
If I don't keep my grades up, I promise I'll quit.
The dress was fitted, nipping in sharply at the waist, and she thought it was very becoming ( clothes that are becoming make you look attractive ) to her petite figure.
But I still wish I had some of your height.
Startled, Sam gaped at him.
Are you sure I can't interest you in some juice ? ( used as a polite way of offering someone something )
Sam's cheeks grew hot.
Here's your magazine cart. Each patient is allowed to take up to three.
Give me a couple and I'll pass them along.
He pitched a fit because he wanted a chocolate milk shake instead.
.... everybody griped about the magazine. How did they go over on the fourth floor ?
I'll know all there is to know, including his name ....
I've got tons of homework.
... but today promised even greater thrills.
... she is pretty and everything ( and so on ) but the only thing she can talk about is math, Boring !
.... so it seemed the logical way to go.
It is for a worthy cause, please Mike !
I'll ride up with you and put these on your cart.
Mrs. Vogel will have my hide ( to punish someone severely ) if I fall behind schedule.
Take your pick, I'm sure there is something here you'd like.
That's none of your concern. Just keep handing out those magazines.
Sam stopped in her tracks. ( to suddenly stop )
The Tower area is not included in your rounds.
I usually send one of the aides down but we're shorthanded today.
This boy sounds like quite a handful. ( child, who is difficult to control )
Don't let him take advantage of your good nature, or you might very well wind up in trouble.
It sounds to me as if you were getting a little too involved.
As of today, Room 400A has been added to you rounds.
See what you can do to keep him off my back and everybody else's, all right ?
Suzannah Morrison wondered if she was equal to the task.
He's really a nice guy - kind of diamond in the rough.
That's not the way I meant it at all.
... he didn't say anything more about his father. Maybe they didn't get along.
.. he's got you waiting on him hand and foot.
... if she could get Bill out of his rotten mood ....
We're not at all alike. She's musical I'm not.
I can't figure out what makes him tick.
I can't think of any guy who fits that description.
I am pretty sure he's got his heart set on someone else.
I used to help Dad tinker with his old Ford....
Mike cupped a hand to his ear.
I brought along some of my mom's super-duper chocolate-peanut-butter fudge just in case the lunch didn't fill me up.
I have to cater to his special requests, but that's part of my job.
... you expect me to believe he's just another worthy cause ?
Mike got all bent out of shape because I wouldn't take his advice about something.
Sam you are a very generous and giving person, and your mother and I both admire you for it.
I can't understand why Mike gets so upset about it.
They're professionals in short supply ( if something is in short supply, there is very little of it available and it is difficult to get ), if you don't clean up your act, Moss Memorial won't have any left.
I wouldn't have taken him for the rose type.
Your friend has to show some consideration for other patients on the floor.
Mr. Smith music is upsetting everyone within earshot.
You don't care about anybody but yourself.
It's high time you showed some concern for others.
You are absolutely impossible.
He's not always that hard to take.
Are you sure you're not getting too deeply involved with this guy?
Mike Lindley isn't romantically interested in me the least little bit.
Sam's feet slid out from under her on a patch of ice.
I have much more important things on my mind.
The hospital is understaffed.
Not until you promise me you'll start acting like a grown-up instead of a spoiled brat.
OK Ok you win, I'll shape up - a little.
I got a big fat F on my last geometry exam.
Sam came on duty at the hospital on Saturday.
The president of the Spanish Club had blown up at her for missing so many meetings
I just figured they could use a treat.
There's so much good in you that I guess it's kind of rubbing off on ( if a feeling, quality, or habit rubs off on someone, they start to have it because they are with another person who has it ) me.

Smith : I think I'm finally making progress.

Sam : It sure looks like it.

I bet he wants you to go steady.
I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow.
... how to keep her promise to Bill Smith ...
She would have been eagerly looking forward to this outing with Mike if it weren't for the complication presented by Bill Smith's shake.
Pushing the thought of Bill from her mind for now ....
I used to sneak out of the house by the back door.
Mike took a big gulp of his cocoa
Fat clogs your arteries. You have to take good care of your heart.
Double ymmmmmy, your mom hasn't lost her touch, that's for sure.
I thought you had today off.
That's what all the mystery is about.
Turning on his heel, Mike stormed off. ( to go somewhere in a noisy fast way that shows you are extremely angry )
I meant to have it here by the usual time, but I got held up.
He's got all this energy bottled up inside him because he has been laid up ( to have to stay in bed because you are ill or injured ) for so long ......
Irv stalked out ( to walk in a proud or angry way, with long steps ) the door.
Steeling herself against his charm "Sorry doesn't cut it ". I am going home.
You had no business snooping.
I am not a groupie, but I am not a quitter either.
I'm not going to let my emotions get the better of me.
We're just sitting down to dinner.
" To Amy, with love " would be so neat.
I won't tell a single soul.
Summoning up all her courage, Sam pushed open the door to 400A
Seriously, though I'm really up the creek ( to be in a difficult situation ) with this geometry thing.
Sam felt her exuberance ebbing away. ( to gradually decrease )
... her cheeks grew hot with shame.
But Bill was gone, and there was no way she could make amends.
... it'll be so much more fun to double with you and Mike.
Sam could get to Indianapolis and back without any of them being the wiser. ( used to say that no-one will find out about something bad someone has done )
It is awfully romantic, having a secret rendezvous with a handsome TV star.
Taking a deep breath to steady her racing heart, ....
Looks like your tastes haven't changed.

Sam : I said a lot of things to you that day that I didn't mean. I'm really sorry, Bill.

Bill : Don't be. I had it coming.

That's going to take a lot of getting used to.
I know it's no excuse, but I was so bummed about the accident messing up my career just when it was getting off the ground again that I took it out on everybody, ...
You were the one bright spot in my days ...
Hey, don't go overboard. I'm not a totally reformed character, and I've still got a terrible temper.
I was ticked off at Dad for a number of reasons. But we're getting along much better now.
Some things were better left unspoken.
On a happiness scale of one to ten, I'd say I'm about an eleven.
That was quite a speech from a boy Sam had never thought at all romantic, ......
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