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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
Now a new fear gripped me.
I was just about to give up in despair, .......
As she hurried off to do so, .........
I pasted on a smile and tried to exude a confidence I didn't really feel.
I felt myself blushing.
I was scared half to death.
I bet you wear contacts.
B J was the jealous type.

Scott : There's my ride. I've got to go. Nice meeting you, Scott.

Tralain : Same here. Guess I will be seeing you around.

B J's jealousy was also pretty hard to take.
I'm just tired. Dad ran me ragged ( make them do a lot of work ) today.
Since I had everything worked out in my mind, it didn't take long to make my list.
I never laid eyes on Scott until today.
If I were you, I'd steer clear of ( to try to avoid someone or something unpleasant or difficult ) Scott Tyson.
I'll call B J and he'll be here in a flash.
I blew a loud blast on my whistle .........
Mind if I volunteer ?
I didn't mean to upstage ( to do something that takes people's attention away from someone else who is more important ) you. I just thought you could use a little help.
During the rest of that week at Camp Merrywood, I didn't feel nearly as hassled.
We never went anywhere fancy, ...........
That's an ugly rumor.
I am afraid he'll be really crushed, if I don't come to his party.
In that case, my first suggestion still stands.
.... so I left a message with his mother.
You'd better hustle downstairs. Tralain, I will be along in a minute.
....... the former owners were tennis freaks who played day and night, what do you say ?
I don't know how much competition I'll be able to give you.
I beat you fair and square, Tyson. Admit it !
Besides, I couldn't really bring myself to believe it.
.... you already have a boyfriend. so I figured either you'd turn me down or he'd beat me up.
Can I see you again ? I have some time off on Saturday.
I threw on a robe over my shortie pyjamas .........
I think it's pretty low-down  of you ( dishonest, unkind ) to make up that story
...... you could go out with Scott behind my back.
You're as hooked on Tyson as he is on drugs.
Where do you get off,( to tell someone that they are asking you for too much or are behaving in a way you will not accept ) bad mouthing Scott when all you have to go on is gossip ? Can't you see how cruel that is ?
I'd been bored with B J for a long time, but hadn't had the courage to break up with him until he forced the issue.
...... the thought of spending an entire day with him gave me a lift all through the rest of the week.
.... we both sang along with the music for a while.
My legs are kind of cramped from sitting in the van for so long.

Tralain : After the way you beat me at tennis Monday night, I thought you were in great shape.

Scott : I am, but I never said I run marathons !

Tralain : I am kind of winded too. ......... although he didn't seem to be breathing hard.

I am just going to show Tralain around, and then we're off.
The place smelled strongly of fish ..............
Are you still hungry, Tralain ? Those sandwiches are pretty skimpy.
Get off my case, will you, Dad,  ? I am seventeen years old, not seven.
Scott had certainly overreacted to his father's obvious concern, ......
Scott stopped the van at the day-use area of the sprawling state park.
I took out my camera and focused it for a close-up shot.
Scott and his friends caught up on old times.
We were all wrecked when he moved away.
.... a lot of the kids in our crowd just coun't keep up with him. It's like he's on speed ( on drugs ) or something.
After Scott had drunk his fill, he reached for my hand.
My mind was reeling as I straightened up.
Lunch was a long time ago and those snacks we ate at the beach don't stick with you
Tralain, you look like you could use some cheering up.
All things considered, I think he's keeping a pretty low profile.
.... a simply phone call might clear up the whole mess .........
You have to be more subtle than that and you have to lead up to it gradually in casual conversation.
if everyone whispers behind Scott's back, or treats him like an outcast or something ...
I could only force down a few mouthfuls.
I must have stared at the phone for ten minutes, before I got up the nerve to dial.
If looks could kill, the one I gave Trish would have finished her off on the spot.
Let's wait until some of the others clear out.
... a wonderful, warm smile that made me go weak in the knees.
I made a huge effort not to burst into sobs.
You're still dripping wet.
.... maybe he has to stop to gas up his car.
I went limp with relief.
.... since Bren is my best friend, she should be in on it too.
...... he replied all in one breath.
I was so emotionally drained that I could hardly summon up the energy to creep out of the car.
...... keeping busy helped to keep me from sinking into total despair.
I could see her pacing back and forth, her face white and strained.
I felt a surge of apprehension as I followed him outside, and my hands felt suddenly clammy. ( feeling wet, cold, and sticky in a way that is unpleasant )
...... but Dad still fusses over ( to pay a lot of or too much attention to someone, especially to show that you are pleased with them or like them ) me, and it drives me nuts.
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