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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
Speaking in public was difficult enough without heckling ( to interrupt a speaker at a public meeting ) from the audience.
In fact, they thrive on the darkness and dampness.
I'm getting hives (  a skin disease in which a person's skin becomes red and painful ) just thinking about it.
A meeting ? I searched my memory but drew a blank. ( to be unsuccessful, especially when you have been trying to find information or the answer to a problem )
That girl gives me a sharp pain.
..... she thought she was an authority on everything.
I guess it was juvenile to poke fun at Regina, but it felt good,
I've come up with some wonderful ideas for our camp-out.
I just know that everything you've thought of will be super.
I couldn't make waves and risk Regina's wrath. She loved to tell people. I don't get mad, I get even.
I hated it when she put me on the spot like that.
Why was I so in awe of her ?
Jake, wait up, I want to talk to you.
But if you don't give a report, you'll flunk the course.
For many years after Dad died, things had been pretty grim at our house.
It's a favourite hangout for high school kinds in the area .......
You're always so color-co-ordinated.
We were as different as night and day .........
I am the organized type, and I was more than ready for the cave camp-out.

Mother : ... let me fix you something hot to eat.

Daughter : I am big girl, remember. You dont' have to baby me anymore.

I believe in equality of the sexes.
...... but now my sense of guilt returned in force.
You have a strange gleam in your eye.
A vision of Jake immediately popped into my mind.
I bet there's a story behind it.
Sometimes being short comes in handy.
..... but somehow our feet got all tangled up, knocking us both off balance.
Mine's a pretty sturdy one that can take a lot of abuse.
No, I don't think it is even sprained but I'd better take my weigh off it for a while.
She just packed up one day and took off.
Jake said in his tough-guy manner.
I don't know why you always act so tough, .......
I didn't mean to dump on ( to tell someone all your problems ) you.
... when I am nervous or uptight about something, I can't talk right, I'm a stutterer ( an inability to speak normally because you stutter ), Lissa.
In the total darkness, nothing seemed impossible no matter how farfetched it was
I guess it sounds pretty shallow to you.
Sorry -- I didn't mean to get your hopes up.
To my dismay, a flashlight beam hit me full in the face.
You have some explaining to do.
When Regina and Vicki went to their tent and discovered you were missing, we were frantic.
I couldn't betray his confidence, so I said.
I was so keyed up ( worried or excited ) that I thought maybe taking a little walk would relax me.
.... slowing my pace so that we lagged behind the others.

Jake : I wanted to, but .....

Regina : But, you wimped out.

She wasn't just surprised, she was flabbergasted.
Though on the surface Jake and I seemed to be total opposites, deep down we had so much in common.
Although Pershing was disappointed, he was a good sport ( a helpful cheerful person who lets you enjoy yourself and never complains when there is trouble ) about it.
Lissa, you'd better hustle.
You are just going to school, dear, not to a formal ball.
I was going to make pancakes for breakfast, but Glenda sidetracked me ..
I thought maybe you could use a lift to school.
Dad wants me to get fitted for a tux -- he and Carol have moved up their wedding date.
It always helps to get everything out in the open ......
I was walking on air as we entered the building.
I didn't mean to bug you.
I didn't mean to bite your head off.
..... he was never far from my thoughts.
Guys sure are hard to figure out sometimes.
Is there a second to this perfectly idiotic motion.
I told you it was a lame idea.
I could hardly keep from laughing.
I hope you're not going to run after that loser.
Jake probably thought I was a spineless wimp.
It was only after I hung up that I began to worry in earnest.
I wandered around the house, getting more and more impatient.
I am afraid you'd be steamed about yesterday.
You came to that meeting for my sake, it was a total disaster.
You can tell her for me that her timing's rotten.
..... he had gained so much confidence and social poise lately .......

Jake : I hope you don't mind if I step on your toes sometimes tonight. I am not much of a dancer.

Regina : If worse comes to worst, I can always dance with Pershing.

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