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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
Mark was definitely up to no good.
Spare me the details, please.
He may be poetry in motion on the basketball court, ........
You actually laid bets on whether or not Collete would go out with Gary ?
No, I refuse to have anything to do with this tacky scheme of yours.

Beth : If he asked one of you to the prom, would you go ?

Audrey : Hmmmm. That's a tough call. ( a difficult decision to make )

He had a short attention span, and it didn't take much to distract him.
Mark said you could get me in shape for the prom.
Gary just needs some pointers on how to get his girl.
Unfortunately, my brother was wise to my tactics.
I am going to drag you into my family squabbles.
I don't know exactly what weakened my resolve.
In a world full of guys all trying to act super cool, Gary's total lack of pretension was a refreshing change.
Gary had never struck me as any kind of a genius, but since I was barely squeaking by with C's, I couldn't afford to be choosy.
...... I put the car in reverse instead of forward ......
The only trouble is, she's so beautiful that I get all choked up and can't think of anything to say.
...... those guys usually had other attributes that made up for their shortcomings, like style or charisma.
..... when she drew up even with me, I nodded for Gary to make his move.
Yes, lately it seems as if we've been having weather every day.
Mark's bed was unmade, .............
I think I am beginning to catch on.
.... your room is a health hazard .........
..... they were made for durability, not style.
You're in for the surprise of your life.
I am terrible at algebra.
I'll keep him in mind, if I ever get desperate.
It might be best to level with him right away. How do you know you're not setting him up for a bigger disappointment later on.
Guys just aren't sensitive about that sort of thing.
Until I paid him off, I'd have to continue with Gary's tutoring.
I look quickly away, confused by my reaction to his nearness.
My nervousness grew with every passing minute.
Whenever there is work to be done, my brother has a habit of disappearing.
Colette's already gotten her hooks into him.
If Gary was willing to shell out that kind of money for a trial run, he must have high hopes for prom night.
I can tell you've a lot of experience bossing guys around.
The rest of the evening seemed sort of anti-climatic after all we'd been through.
I was quiet during the drive home, ..........
.... you both handled the situation with a lot of maturity.
..... to tell you the truth, this wasn't my first brush with the law.
Gary is prime-time in love with her.
I couldn't hold it in any longer.
I'll pay off your debt to Mark, and you can make the rest of the payments to me.
Beth, do you mind if we have another look at that sale rack. I just had a sudden urge to buy a party dress.
She's away for the weekend.
Colette is his for the asking.
All my fighting spirit faded away at the sight of her.
He's probably just bashful. Gary's still not used to being the center of attention.
Gary looked just as good up close as he had from a distance.
I hate disappoint you, but I am claiming all of Gary's slow dances.
Eddie's thinking of asking your friend Jan to the prom, and he wants to know if you'd put in a good word for him.
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