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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
No use being subtle.
... nothing short of an earthquake could shake them loose from the kitchen.
... instead of cooking it on the stove, you bake it in the oven.
I'd never understood their fascination with cooking.
They don't let you bring recipe cards to the finals.
I didn't make the finals because I'd been overconfident.
I stifled a bored groan as Tonya went on.
She probably camped out all night to be sure she'd be one of the first in line.
As if he sensed my stare, the guy suddenly looked in my direction.
I felt all shivery and sizzling at the same time.
That was some pretty fancy footwork.
I don't plan on making a career out of basketball.
... from the way he looked at me as he said it, I got the impression he had something more intimate in mind.
I guess she was right along, ....
There's difference between deafeating a guy in a basketball game and beating him to a bloody pulp.
All the time I thought I was dazzling him with my cool moves, I was actually driving him away.
You've probably seen my name in the paper.
It's been his dream ever since I've known him.
There is nothing wrong with a guy using his brains instead of his muscles.
I will help you come up with something that won't bring disgrace on the Richardson name.
" Sportsmanship ". That's what it's all about.
.... he looked every bit as hot as he had yesterday in shorts.
Are you heading to Room Thirteen now ?
... as a guard informed me when I got off at the third floor.
I was getting more nervous by the minute and it didn't help any ( at all ) to discover that ....
I stood behind it with a pasted-on smile.
... punch him right in the nose.
He'd apparently decided I was a pathetic wimp ( someone who has a weak character and is afraid to do something difficult or unpleasant ) who was so unglued ( extremely upset or angry about something ) by a little criticism that I just gave up.
I've got plenty of better things to do with my time.
I guess that means we're out of the running. ( no hope of winning a race or competition )
It felt great, just as good as winning a basketball trophy, and a lot less sweaty.
She really acted like a bubble-brain.
She tied up the phone for hours with one of her friends ....
She spends an eternity in the bathroom gluing on fake nails covered with gold glitter ....
I was filled with mixed emotions.
She seemed totally absorbed in what he was saying.
His tone was icy, but Nate didn't take the hint.
I tried to pull away, but he held on tight .....
We'll work things out somehow.
... he'd rushed to comfort her the minute she turned on the tears.
That ought to make those judges sit up and take notice.
but then I came to my senses, and pulled away.
Just leave it out for a while, it'll soften up in no time.
I was always goofing off with my friends instead of doing homework or chores.
... from the way you and she were acting at Scardilli's, you sure looked lovey-dovey.
Stephanie was always criticizing my cooking, and it got under my skin.  ( they annoy you, especially by the way they behave )
I was up very late last night working on my cake, and I am really beat this morning.
Nate's such a terrific guy in so many ways.
I just can't believe he turned out to be a male chauvinist. ( someone, especially a man, who believes that their own sex is better and more important than the other sex )
Nate's not a chauvinist in the usual sense.
I'm actually eager to see how it measures up ( to be good enough to do a particular job or to reach a particular standard ) in the competition today.
A romance between two of the contestants sure would spice up ( to add interest or excitement to something ) my article.
... my feet seem to be stuck to the floor.
He's bound to give her higher marks !
She was talented enough to win on her own merits.
.. she could be stripped of her title.
I thought we'd go off somewhere together for a heart-to-heart talk
Can't Stephanie spare you for a few minutes.
If you want to get back together with her, okay, but at least be honest about it.
... a line of people waiting to board a ride, .........
Why are you so stuck on Nate. Sure he's cute, but you're completely opposites.
But if honesty is hereditary, then to follow your logic, dishonesty is hereditary too.
... the appearance of any dish could help set the mood and add to the festivity.
.. hoping he'd come rushing up to me with some logical explanation of why he had been delayed.
I felt the heat rush to my face.
I believe you've committed a personal foul.
.. he'd score her so low in every event that she wouldn't have a prayer of winning the championship.
... once she had his words on tape, ...
.. I wanted to get things straightened out between us.
I was within sight of the semifinals too.
... if both my girls wanted to follow in my footsteps.
I never really thought I'd get this far.
Try to understand --- by myself I'm sure I can win
Deep down I'd never expected to make it to the finals.
I get that way after a big defeat, but I always get over it sooner or later.
I was confident of my ability to get through this demonstration.
.. you've obviously inherited the family talent ....
I tried to get you out of the house ... . but you wouldn't budge.
I didn't win today. I came in fifth.
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