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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
She wears a size eight, while I am fifteen pounds overweight.
I can't seem to keep it off, no matter how hard I try.
I was sick of them all by now.
The Quick-Drop porgram guarantees you'll lose weight and keep it off for good.
... ever since she'd broken up with Jason Myers, she'd sworn off boys forever.
I'd rather go to the dance with Barney the Dinasour than somebody you've fixed me up with.
I'm cutting off your allowance as of this week, ...
... but I didn't feel festive.
I am here about the job.
My father sat across from me, ...
I was sure he was feeling as trapped as I was.
He sounded very businesslike.
Dad looked up from his paper. What's this about Laini's allowance.
But if she doesn't slim down, nobody would ask her to the big dance.
I'm afraid, I'm awfully short of help.
.... he helped me tape the cutouts to the wall. It must seem pretty dumb to you.
That threw me for a loop. ( to surprise and upset someone )
The people on that condo board are just a bunch of insensitive stuffed shirts. ( someone who behaves in a very formal way and thinks that they are important )
They're shallow, insensitive, and just plain disgusting.
.... who was so obsessed with keeping up appearances, ......
... his antirich, antiprivate-school attitude annoyed me no end. ( very much )
.... it's only for the dogs. People treats come later.
He just seems kind of listless. ( feeling tired and not interested in things )
A long, shiny black stretch limousine pulled up to the curb.
I think Frank's been putting you on.
It's like getting the scoop ( used to ask someone for information or news about something ) on a rock star, you know ?

Laini - She says all the girls are crazy about him.

Jana - It figures. ( used to say that something is reasonable or makes sense )

He doesn't hang out with any particular crowd.

Laini - I didn't ask.

Jana - Why not !

Laini - Because it doesn't matter, that's why not.

After I thanked Jana for the snooping she'd done on my behalf, we hung up.
I bet all the girls at Lincoln Park will be green with envy when they see this picture.
You wouldn't believe how much business has picked up since Wednesday.
With Christmas only a week away, the holiday rush was in full swing.
The decorations from Edgar's party were still up.
I'll have you know I walked home last Saturday, but your chauffeur picked you up in a limo.
I saw it with my own two eyes !
He'd just dropped off a wedding party near here, so he swung by and gave me a lift.
You are solidly built, that's all.
The expression on my face must have given me away, .....
You certainly don't have a very high opinion of girls, do you ?
I wasn't about to let down my guard.
As we gathered up the remains of our lunch, ........
She'd probably think it was totally wacko. ( silly )
Pork isn't nearly as caloric as some people think, especially if you trim all the fat.
I'm glad you are finally beginning to take dieting seriously.
I honestly don't know what the local laws are in those cases.
.... attempt to reach a settlement out of court.
No lawyer looks like a fool if he represents his client to the best of his ability.
.. pot-bellied pigs are definitely considered pets and nothing but !
Ask Mrs Hepplewhile to call me so I can go over the specifics with her.
They are very skittish about being bathed.
He seems very affectionate.
May I drop you at home on the way to my office.
On their way out, they passed Mr. Blazek coming in.
You have to rough it ( to live for a short time in conditions that are not very comfortable ) in my car.
One brownie won't kill you, no matter what kind of a diet you're on.
My vacation has been a real drag so far.
Do you have plans for New Year's ?
... he would feel out of place ( not suitable for a particular situation or occasion ) with a bunch of boring rich kids ....
I think it's neat ( very nice and pleasant ) that you went to the trouble of getting your father involved in Hamlet's case.
That sounds like a mob scene.
.... he helped me on with my coat ..........
Because of the snow, cars were stuck all over the place.
It took me a while to come down to earth, .........
Jana has experience with this sort of thing.
I finally decided to give Frank something impersonal, like a book.
So I bought it, and asked the clerk to gift-wrap it for me.
Just give it to him and get it over with.
I know it's short notice, but we're having company tonight....
She has great taste in gifts.
Where does that leave me ?
.... chubby me certainly wasn't any competition for super-slender her.
We have lots of sizes and styles in different price ranges.
She lives right down the street from me.
Sheila and I dated for a while last year, but it didn't work out.
Frank probably felt relieved to be rid of me.
I have Laini's best interests at heart.
Save the romancing for later.
It's always kind of casual, so you don't have to dress up much.
What kind of boy is this Frank person.
.... he's good at winning arguments, and he was on my side.
Don't sweat it, Laini. Sooner or later I'll win her over with my boyish charm.
.... my mother is friends with her mother.
I guess she might be a little jealous of the way you look though.
.... she doesn't have enough meat on her bones.
I like girls with personality and brains.
A girl can be an absolute knockout, but if she's a bubble brain, no guy's going out with her more than once.
... somebody you could show off to your parents and your stuck-up ( proud and unfriendly because you think you are better and more important than other people ) friends.
Maybe she was beginning to mellow out ( to become relaxed and calm, or make someone relaxed and calm ) a little.
It just goes to show how much can be accomplished when you put your mind to it.
It was a neat idea, getting Hamlet on the news.
What nerve! Okay, I admit I'd given her the opening, but what business was it of hers anyway ?
You must have said or done something that rubbed him the wrong way.
... whatever is wrong between you and Frank is worth patching up. He's a pretty neat guy.
... my relationship with Frank had gone down the tube.
I don't care much for crowds.
I never want to hear you put yourself down about your weight.
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