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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
I'm really surprised I even made the team ! ( be chosen for a team )
Lani's teammates are all warm  and friendly.
Thanks, but my game's pretty tame ( boring or unexciting and disappointing ) compared to yours.
I admire the way you charge the net, it sure keeps me on my toes.
Try not to be so hypersensitive to criticism.
So far, no guy had ever measured up to Lani's high standards, ..
I wanted to find out how things were done at Aina Hau before I took the plunge. ( to decide finally to do something, especially after delaying it or worrying about it for a long time )
You sound as though you're signing up for a life partnership
I hate going into any situation unprepared.
... try to put it in the wash as soon as you get home.
I admit I'm curious about the guy, but only because you've given him such a big buildup.
... a little black cloud had suddenly blotted out ( to cover or hide something completely ) the sun.
They certainly look pretty chummy. ( friendly )
Lani quickly got her thoughts together and gave her opinion.
Welcome aboard, Lani !
... he had given them a pep talk, urging the debaters to do their best
Around noon, the brilliant blue sky suddenly clouded over, and within moments rain began pouring down.
Lani's father wouldn't be able to come by for her until at least five o clock.
Could you come pick me up at three ?
I live in Manoa, I hope that's not far out of your way.
How much farther is your house ?
I don't take criticism very well, I'm afraid.
... do you think you could give me a few pointers ?
... the very idea of reciting the pieces from memory gave her the chills.
Do I detect a note of skepticism there ?
.. are you in the phone book under Marshall or under Gorgeous ?
... he went off on this tangent about turning the homeless into chefs ...
Sam's such a flake.
... but sometimes I wish I'd lighten up and have some fun for a change.
It's about time you made a move on him, Lani.
... many couples are lounging on ( to stand or sit in a lazy way ) the grass, enjoying the beautiful day and each other's company.
Sometimes you have to go out on a limb ( take a risk ) and hammer a point home.
.. there's no reason you and Amy can't win at affirmative.
I'll be happy to work with you again whenever you like, just say the word.
Has he asked you on a date yet ?
.... if he doesn't care about me, I'd absolutely die of embarrassment.
I'll be hitching a ride with ( to ask for a free ride from the drivers of passing cars by putting your hand out with your thumb raised ) you guys ....
Lani was spooning up her French chocolate ice cream with .....
Chase never took cheap shots  (=an unnecessarily rude remark) at the opposing team or the judges.
I've been bending your ear ( to talk to someone, especially about something that is worrying you ) about the tournament ever since we got here.
I do have other interests.
Everybody says you are excellent on the soccer field.
That's what I had in mind. Think you can stand it.
I laughed so hard, I almost fell out of my seat.
We're good friends, that's all.
.... he seemed unsure of himself, almost at a loss for words ......
Mr. crowell told Lani at great length about growing up on his family's sugar plantation.
He can be pretty long-winded sometimes.
Lighten up, Chase. You may be my debate team captain, but you are not my tennis coach, you know.
.... my Dad's birthday is next month ......
I have to get some stuff for my sisters, and I could use some feminine input.
Then maybe we could grab a bite to eat and take in a movie or something.
Listen, Darce. Do you think I'm fickle.
.... you are thinking about ditching him for that nutcase ?
Sometimes I feel like I'll never be able to measure up to his expectations.
.... if you decide to give up on Chase, I'm next in line.
It wasn't just her surroundings that were different.
Mealani and I need to make some adjustments on our negative case.
I understand you and Amy really cut them down to size (  to make someone realize that they are not as important, successful etc as they think they are ) this morning
Unless you're otherwise occupied, want to go have a pan pizza with the enemy.
All our tables are oceanfront, sir !
... she always likes to go there early and set up.
I'm an old hand at this sort of thing. In fact, I kind of like the last-minute approach.
.... if this tournament is to proceed on schedule, it is essential that everyone show up on time.
We were all totally stressed out --- we thought something awful must have happened to you. Mrs. Nakamoto was worried sick, and Chase is practically a basket case. ( someone who is so nervous or anxious that they cannot deal with simple situations )
Lani was on automatic pilot most of the time,
Don't you ever pull another stunt like that, you almost gave me heart failure.
She never should have let herself caught up in Sam's comedy routine ....
Want to play some tennis this evening ? ........ I really could use a workout.
I haven't been to one of those in a long time.
... we are about the same size.
By the time they returned to Lani's house, the sun had set.
... he's getting all intense and serious again.
.... she was seething with irritation inside.
I wouldn't have beaten you so badly, though, if you'd been in top form.
Then he started picking my game apart shot by shot, and pretty soon I was so rattled that I couldn't do anything right.
..... the following week were agonizing for Lani.
... she and Chase were polite but distant to each other.
But even if I made a play for ( to make an attempt to gain something ) him , it probably wouldn't do any good. In my opinion, he is still hung up on you
If he thinks she's so perfect and I'm such a mess, then all I can say is, she's welcome to him.
Chase was the boy of her dreams, that their relationship would only grow and deepen with time.
I'm glad you are not the kind of girl who holds a grudge.
I can tell from the look on your face that you don't approve of my philosophy.
The first one was dismal, but I'm pretty sure we aced the second one.
I struck out ( failed ) twice in a row.
.... they all know I have my on days and off days.
It was a gutsy move on your part to change your case at the last minute, ...
I'm the one who was crazy for acting the way I did, ...
These past couple of months have been the worst of my whole life.
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