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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
I knew there was just no way that I was going to pull off anything spectacular .......
I just couldn't seem to get the hang of it at all.
.... she's the one who conned me into signing up for the class.
Patty is always sunny and easygoing, while I'm more moody and sensitive.
I like to style in different funky ways.
... I have very long legs, which makes me look athletic even though I have two left feet.
It took a while for me to pull myself together.
Tell me, have you played a lot of sports ?
I thought all this physical-fitness stuff was highly overrated.
My parents agreed with me on that.
... sometimes a person forms an image of herself that turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I think you have all the makings of an athlete.
The tone of my voice hadn't registered with Patty, just the words.
Her thoughts were still centered on Blair.
You're crazy ! What could be more fun than dancing up a storm ?
I'd like to get in a dance before the band takes a break.
The noise began to die down ..........
Ms Werner's voice broke into my thoughts.
I just know you're going to be thrilled by your weekend at Massequot on a whitewater rafting adventure !
...... as if I were frozen to the spot.
...... a feeling of absolute dread washed over me.
What on earth had I gotten myself into ?
I was pretty tempted myself, even though I was scared to death.
Still, it might be worth risking life and limb if I could be rescued from the rapids by a guy like that.
I waved my hand frantically to shut her up and said into the receiver. I almost choked it out.
All my fears came flooding back .........
Robby's voice was breezy and warm.
You are a guide ? Patty sized her up, obviously impressed.
Yes, that's perfect. What did I tell you - You're a natural.
I must have looked apprehensive because Robby leaned over to me.
I have heard of out-of-body experiences when you die ....
They were terrific on the basketball court or baseball diamond.
He turned and smiled at me, making my knees go all wobbly.
Maybe Merilee thought we were sneaking off for some romantic rendezvous.
I've never quit on anything I knew I could do. But there are somethings I know I can't do, and that's where I draw the line !
You may not think of yourself as an athlete, but you've got potential.
Come on. I know you can handle it. Beside, you've already had your initiation .........
It was a perfect day to be outdoors .........
They roll up the sidewalks when the sun goes down.
Robby : We all grew up watching television and those tunes kind of sink into your head after a while.

Gale : That's true, but you seem to have total recall.

I am not gifted that way, unfortunately. I had to study like mad in high school to keep my average up.
I graduated high school a little early.
This was getting more impressive by the minute.
Instead of being a dumb jock. Robby was obviously a real brain.
......... but I sure am developing a competitive streak.
...... he gave me an approving smile that made me tingle.
I know he really loves me, so I try to ignore it when he plays up to other girls.
I'd wised up, I wasn't going to let him make a fool of me anymore.
Come on, Robby, be a sport.
Don't you have a conscience.
There was a sharp pain in my shoulder and a stinging sensation on my right cheek, but that was the least of my worries.
..... the sky had cleared and the sun was shining brightly, drying our wet clothing.
So I guess that means you do think I'm a total slimeball.
All things considered, this had been the most exciting weekend of my life.
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