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A product profile is a general description of a product. Based on the style of presentation, the amount of detail it contains can vary. The product profile details what the product is and how it will appeal to the consumer. The objective is to determine what makes the product attractive to the consumer. This is an important analysis that will help in the marketing of the product.

Mass marketing is a technical term that refers to the selling of a product on a large scale. It involves products that are produced in large quantities. There may be minor differences in localized markets. The mass marketing strategy ignores these. Mass marketing appeals to the whole market with a single offer or strategy. This is done by broadcasting a message that will reach the largest number of consumers possible.

Mass marketing uses the mass media to get their message across. Radio, television and newspapers are the usual vehicles employed. With the advent of social media, strategies are now also devised to take advantage of this new avenue. Exposure to a product is maximized by reaching the largest audience possible. This often directly correlates to a larger number of sales.

Mass marketing focuses on high sales and low prices. This is just the opposite of Niche marketing. Niche marketing targets a very specific segment of the market. It involves specialized services or goods with few or no competitors.

Mass marketing came into existence in the 1920s when mass radio came into use. The mass radio, broadcasting to huge audiences nationwide gave corporations an opportunity to appeal to a wide variety of potential customers. Before this, the strategy of marketing was what may be called variety marketing. In this strategy, different methods were used to appeal to different sections of society most often according to geographical location. In order to appeal to and persuade a wide audience, this had to change. Over the years, mass marketing has developed into a world-wide multi-billion dollar industry.

Things which are perceived as necessary or essential are subjected to mass marketing. To further increase profits, these products are often touted as durable goods when oftentimes they are made of substandard materials. This affects the longevity of the product. This practice of planned obsolescence ensures future sales opportunities by preventing the market from becoming saturated with high-quality, long-lasting goods.

One of the biggest benefits of mass marketing is that the target audience is broad. This translates to a higher number of successful sales. Drop in sales in some areas may be offset by sales in other areas. This helps overcome potential losses. Another positive factor is that production costs are lowered by mass production. Marketing research and advertising costs too are lowered. Mass marketing campaigns also benefit due to the magnitude of appeal to larger audiences.

Mass marketing also has its disadvantages. It attempts to appeal to the entire consumer population instead of focusing on a particular niche of consumers. The strength of the product and business can affect performance. The strength of the competition too has a bearing on the performance. Another factor is that overexposure can make consumers grow tired of seeing a business's name and products everywhere.

One factor that is inevitable in mass marketing is heavy advertising costs. It is expensive to establish brands and keep them in the public eye. Often, competition is stiff. Besides, to stay ahead of the competition, high innovation and market research costs have to be incurred.

Answer the following questions using complete sentences



From paragraph 1, what does the product profile describe ?



(a) From paragraph 2, what does the term mass marketing refer to ?

(b) From paragraph 2, what does mass marketing ignore ?



(a) From paragraph 3, what mass media vehicles are used in mass marketing ?

(b) From paragraph 3, mention the two advantages of using mass media.



(a) From paragraph 6, what is planned obsolescence ? How is it beneficial ?

(b) From paragraph 7, what are the biggest advantages of mass marketing ?



"Mass marketing has its disadvantages.

(a) Identify one of the disadvantages.

(b) How is this constantly increased ?



Based on the passage, write a summary of :

The necessity of mass marketing.

The role that it plays in modern society.




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It describes what the product is and how it will appeal to the consumer.


(a) Mass marketing refers to the selling of a product on a large scale.

(b) Mass marketing ignores the minor difference in localized markets.



(a) The radio, television and newspapers are the usual vehicles used in mass marketing.


(i) Exposure of a product is maximised by reaching the largest audience possible.

(ii) This directly translates as an increased number of sales.



(a) Planned obsolescence is ensuring that a product does not last too long. This ensures future sales opportunities.

(b) The target audience is broad. This translates into a higher number of successful sales.



(a) Advertising costs may be big. ( Any suitable answer )

(b) High innovation costs and market research costs needed for the advertisements keep the costs high.

  6. Mass production today makes mass marketing an absolutely necessary strategy. Mass production reduces production costs when compared to small scale production. For the scale of production, mass marketing becomes absolutely necessary due to the importance of reaching the largest number of consumers in the shortest span of time. Unsold goods tie down capital without being productive. It also ties up the capital which will be better utilised producing the next batch of goods. Mass marketing increases consumer awareness of the product. It also directly increases sales. Besides, strategies are devised to influence the consumer into believing in the necessity of the product. Modern society is a global village. Mass marketing today is on a global scale where people from different countries all buy the same goods at the same time.

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