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One evening, I was passing through the cold wilderness of South Canada. Suddenly, I heard a growl and there before me was a white timber wolf caught in a trap. I tried approaching the wolf but it backed away, furiously straining at the steel jaw trap. On closer observation, I noticed that the wolf was a female and her teats were full of milk. That could only mean one thing -- somewhere in the wilderness were wolf pups anxiously waiting for their mother.

I knew that earning the wolf's trust was impossible, so I decided to look for the pups. The search seemed fruitless at first but thankfully, it had been snowing and after some time, I found paw marks in the snow. I followed the trail deeper into the forest and finally came to a small cave. I could not hear anything, but I was sure the pups were inside. It was too much of a risk to enter; the pack might be inside. I decided to imitate the voice of a mother wolf calling out to its young. My attempt was not in vain for soon, five little pups appeared. The pups looked shy but when I extended my hands, they came towards me and started sucking my fingers. Apparently, they were very hungry. Slowly, I picked them up ad put them in my bag and headed to where their mother was trapped.

The mother wolf was not thrilled to see me. It stood erect and started growling. Immediately, I released the pups and they rushed to their mother, sucking its teats. After a while, I walked towards the wolf in the hope of freeing it but every time I moved in its direction, the wolf would growl menacingly. To my surprise, the wolf had actually marked its territory by urinating. I could also sense its agitation and I knew it was hungry at the same time. I decided to find some food for it.

By then, it was snowing heavily and so, I opened a can of chicken stew which I extended to the wolf. It was hesitant at first but extreme hunger prompted it to gobble the food up. This went on for two days. The wolf was till trapped and I still did not win its confidence. Meanwhile, I played with the pups much to the agitation of their mother.

On the third day, I awoke suddenly because the pups were sniffing at y face. I looked at the mother wolf and saw its tail wag a little. had I won its trust ? I slowly placed my hand on the wolf's injured leg. The wolf winced but did not attack or threaten me. I inspected the steel jaw trap and realized that only three toes were trapped. Using a fork, I applied pressure on the trap. The trap sprang open and the wolf was free.

Whimpering, the wolf limped about while nursing its swollen toes. I knew my presence was not further needed, so I took my bag and began to set off. Just then, the wolf limped towards me and started licking my fingers. I was shocked. Such a contact went against the laws of nature. A few minutes later, the wolf gave a howl and left with her pups. I did not know what that meant, but in the three days spent with the wolf and her pups, I realized that despite the laws of nature, a bridge had been created between our worlds.

Answer the following questions using complete sentences
  1. What did the wolf do when the writer approached it ?
  2. How did the writer know that the mother wolf had wolf pups around ?
  3. How was the writer convinced the pups were inside the cave ?
  4. How did the wolf react when it saw the writer return with the pups ?
  5. Why do you think the wolf reacted the way you have described in the previous question ?
  6. How did the wolf mark its territory ? What do you think that means ?
  7. Why do you think the mother wolf became agitated whenever the writer played with the pups ?
  8. How did the wolf show that it trusted the writer ? Give two instances.
  9. How did the writer free the wolf ?
  10. Why was the writer 'shocked' (last paragraph) when the wolf licked his fingers ? Explain in your own words.
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It pulled away from the writer while struggling with the trap.


It had teats full of milk.


The writer had followed the paw marks of the pups and they led to the cave.


It was angry as it stood up straight and growled at the writer.


It was probably trying to threaten the writer in case he wanted to hurt the pups. / It was angry with the writer as it probably thought he was going to hurt the pups.
  6. It urinated around it to tell others not to enter that space.
  7. It still did not trust the writer and was worried for the safety of the pups./ The mother wolf felt helpless to save the pups from the writer whom it still did not trust.
  8. It wagged its tail when the writer looked at it. / It did not attack or pull away when the writer put his hand on its injured leg. / It went up to the writer and licked his fingers.
  9. He used a fork to free the wolf from the trap.
  10. It was unnatural for wolves to be in such close contact with humans (or people).

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