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I woke up confused and disoriented. Looking around the large room, I found myself lying in bed. I got the strong smell of medicine and I knew at once that I was in hospital. That's rather strange. I told myself. I thought I was cycling towards Teluk Batik, a popular fishing village. How did I end up in hospital ? When I attempted to sit, a sharp pain made me cry out. Why did my body hurt so much when I moved ? I must have been hurt and unconscious, and some kind soul had brought me here. I was suddenly gripped with fear. The ward seemed so quiet. Where were all the patients ? My cry of pain brought a nurse to my side. She was a stout-looking woman with a cheerful smile on her face. she asked how I felt, at the same time signaling me not to get up.

"It's awfully painful. Where am I ?" I asked desperately, "Is this Teluk Batick ?" I thought my voice sounded strange. What had happened to my voice ? I sounded like an old man.

The nurse stared at me in surprise for an instant but she did not answer me immediately. She washed my hot flushed face and put something cool on my body. Then she gave me a spoonful of sweet liquid that made me too tired to think any longer. Soon I drifted back to sleep. I did not know how long I was in bed. When I woke up again, I was able to sit up effortlessly. The same nurse came to me and said, "You're much better now. You're able to sit up on your own. Now tell me where you come from. A man brought you here. He left without giving us his name and contact number. You had met with an accident on your way to Teluk Batik. " She paused for a moment before continuing. "We wish to contact your family as soon as possible. You have been here for almost forty hours."

"Forty hours ! That's about two days. Oh, I live with my grandmother in Kampung Berapit. I've no other relatives. I'm an orphan," I replied quietly. "I have only a close friend living in Teluk Batik. Almost every alternate weekend I spend my time there. He comes to my house on the other weekends. What's wrong with me ? Am I seriously injured ? My throat feels very dry."

"Well, don't you worry so much. The doctor will see you soon," answered the nurse. "She should be able to help you. You have been injured. We have taken an X-ray. I think you're coming along fine. By the way, don't you think that you grandmother will be very worried over your absence ?"

"I think so. Usually I stay overnight with my friend in his house, and grandmother would expect me home the next evening. That mans I should have been back home last night. She must be worried sick, but there is no way to contact her. We have no telephone."

The nurse brought me some clean clothes to change. Soon I was ready. I sat on the wheelchair and the nurse pushed me along the long corridor outside my room. I felt a little dizzy at first but recovered after moving down a few more corridors. We passed through a door that led to a lawn where several patients were sunning themselves. I closed my eyes to the glare of the sun. The right sunlight seemed to hurt my eyes badly. The nurse decided that I had had enough and she guided me towards a small building five meters away. Through my half-opened eyes, I saw that the other patients were looking at me strangely and I wondered why. I though of asking the nurse but remained silent. Perhaps they were just being curious, I told myself.

When I entered the doctor's office, I saw a young woman sitting behind a table. The doctor examined the report and the X-ray film that the nurse had brought along. I said a silent prayer that I would be all right. After sometime, she said in a reassuring voice, "Well, you have no serious injuries except a fractured leg. You will have to stay here for a few more days. You have been very lucky indeed."

I felt some relief over the doctor's assurance, although I did not understand fully why I had been lucky. Perhaps she meant that I might have died in the accident, or become a vegetable. On my way back to the ward, I learnt that I was hit from behind by a speeding car. The frightened motorist disappeared without stopping to help me. I was lying on the road for almost two hours before help came. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice calling out y name. it was y best friend, and my grandmother was with him. My grandmother was all smiles as she came forward to hug me, I noticed that her eyes were wet, so were mine.

From paragraph 1 :

(a) How did the writer realize that he was in hospital ?

(b) What make him aware that

   i.  he was hurt ?

   ii. he had been unconscious ?


From paragraph 3 and 4 :


(a) Why didn't the nurse answer the writer immediately ?

(b) What was the 'sweet liquid' that the nurse gave to the writer ?

    From paragraph 7 :

(a) Why did the writer feel 'a little dizzy' ?

(b) Why do you think the other patients were looking at the writer ?

    From paragraph 8 :

Why did the doctor say that the writer 'had been very lucky' ?

    From paragraph 9 :

(a) What made the writer momentarily speechless ?

(b) How did he later react to the presence of his grandmother ?

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(a) The smell of medicine made him realize that he was in hospital.

(b) i. He felt great pain while trying to get up.

     ii. He could not remember how and when he landed in the hospital.



(a) The nurse probably thought he was delirious and needed to be treated first.

(b) It was probably some medicine to make the writer fall asleep.



(a) Having been in bed for too long, he felt a little dizzy when in a sitting position.

(b) They were probably curious, wondering who the new patient was.



Despite the nasty accident, he was not seriously injured except for a fractured leg.



(a) He did not expect to see his grandmother and his best friend.

(b) He was overjoyed.


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