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Time has changed. In this modern era, women are taking a positive role in society. They are seen at par with men and because of liberalization, women have the rights to vote and say. Today, women are more mature than men. They are becoming more independent and are very competitive even in the corporate world. They are unlike their fore sisters, mothers or grandmothers, who rely on men for support.

As we look around, we can see that women are now boldly involved in politics. Politics refer to how a country is being administered by a group of people elected by its nation. Through their involvement in politics, women have proven that they are equally capable as men to lead. They are able to shoulder responsibilities and heavy maters concern in the world issues due to good exposure, caliber and support from the women's liberalization rights.

Next, as we observe around, there are also women involved in business. They have proven to rule the business world and build an empire with ripple effects. Some venture into cottage industries like making handicrafts and cookies while there are others who are able to lead an empire in business industry, marketing and insurance. These women have the potential, qualifications and expertise to mark a change in their lives. With the influence of the mass media and Western values, women are becoming very bold, brave, adventurous, capable and responsible. As such, men are now able to accept women into the workforce and take them as their equals.

In the sports arena, women are bold to take a stance to show their physical ability. This is unlike the past where women were supposed to be behind the doors and in the confinement of their homes. With women's liberation and the advancement in science and technology, women have shown themselves to be a sports enthusiasts and performers. we have people like Shalin Zulkifli and Nurul Huda Abdullah who have excelled in the area of bowling and swimming proving themselves that they can also be as good as our male counterparts. They are good role models and from their bold involvements, more young girls are encouraged to participate in the field of sports. With this, a vast variety of facilities have been made available to women so that they can prove themselves to be physically fit to compete in the various competitions. By involving themselves, women are also becoming confident, healthy and energetic. Young girls who are actively involved in sports are less likely to be involved in drugs, social ills and know what they want in life. They have made the country proud of their great success.

Education has played a significant role towards the welfare of women. Education has enabled women to be knowledgeable and skilful to face the challenges in life. Women are considered the weaker gender, have more feminine features and motherly instincts like patience, love, care and understanding. Therefore, they  are good educators in molding the future leaders of tomorrow. Moreover, in any tertiary level of education, women play a main role. In fact, women are good role models for future mothers.

Most women today have more than a role. They are a mother, a wife and a breadwinner. They are on the move all the time. As a mother, the women know her children's needs. As mothers have their own natural instincts, they are able to care for their children better. They teach, train and guide the lives of their innocent children to learn and adapt to the challenges in life. These are rather marvelous for a woman.

From paragraph 1

(a) Why are women at par with men ?

(b) What does the word competitive mean ?

    From paragraph 2

(a) What is politics ?

(b) How has politics affected the role of women ?

    From paragraph 3

List two types of cottage industry.

    From paragraph 3

What have caused women to be different today unlike before ? Give two reasons.

    From paragraph 5

Explain the role of education towards women.

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(a) Due to liberalization where women have the rights to vote and say.

(b) Trying to be more successful than other people or trying very hard to be better than others.



(a) It refers to how a country is being administered by a group of people elected by its nation.

(b) Women are able to shoulder more responsibilities and heavy matters concerning the world issues.



(i) Making handicrafts.

(ii) Making cookies



(i) The influence of the mass media.

(ii) The influence of Western values.



Education enables women to become knowledgeable. With the knowledge gained, women are ready to face the challenges in life and become good role models towards the future generation.


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