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The huge metallic bird stood silently, ready for take-off. The silvery grey wings gleam in the bright sunlight. The propellers, one on each wing, are stationary. They would begin spinning as soon as the pilot starts the aircraft engine. The pilot was seated in the glass-lined cockpit at the nose of the aircraft. Little glass windows line the entire body of the Boeing 737 on both sides. The aircraft displays its identity proudly; the blue and red Malaysian Airline System (MAS) logo in the shape of a wau.

The gangway at the left of the aircraft was in position. As soon as the boarding call was given, passengers began to file out of the departure lounge towards the aircraft. A charming air stewardess stood at the entrance of the aircraft. "Good morning," she greeted, smiling at the passenger momentarily. She was dressed in the official uniform of MAS stewards and stewardesses - the batik "kebaya" with green and pink motifs.

A few seats away stood another air stewardess directing passengers to their seats. The golden class seats are separated from the economy class seats by curtains which are drawn at take-off time. The golden class seats are more spacious. There are two seats on both sides of the aisle whereas the economy class section accommodates three seats on both sides of the aisle. The first row of the seats for the golden class are labeled from A to F. The window seats are A and D whereas the aisle seats are C and F.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard Malaysian Airlines, Flight MH2601. The captain of this flight is Captain Raj and I'm your leading stewardess, Arneeda Majid. Our flight is one hour and forty minutes. For your take-off, please use your safety belts." The clicks of safety belts being fastened could be heard. The leading stewardess continued, "Ladies and gentleman, for your safety, we'll demonstrate the safety equipment carried on board. Please give us your attention." Three stewardess stood at strategic positions along the aisle and demonstrated how to use the oxygen mask and life jacket. As part of the routine, they signaled where the various exits were. Then the crew took up their designated positions for the take-off.

Once the aircraft was in the air, the crew busied themselves with their tasks. A steward walked along the aisle with a stack for newspapers. "Papers, madam? Papers, sir?" they enquired. The newspapers usually provided are New Straits Times, Berita Harian and Nanyang Siang Pau. Even before they reach the end of the aisle, all the newspapers had been taken. The crackling of newspapers fill the air as the pages were turned.

Then the trolleys were wheeled out. "We're serving nasi lemak and omelette for breakfast. What would you have, sir? The voices of the stewardesses could be heard. From the trolley, the stewardess pulled out trays of what the passengers asked for. On the tray were a rectangular plate for either nasi lemak or omelette, a glass, a cup and cutlery. Then the stewardesses came round again to fill the glass with either chilled pineapple juice or sky juice, and the cup with tea or coffee. By the time, the passengers finished their meal, it was almost landing time. The trays had to be cleared. More instructions for landing had to be given. Time certainly passed more quickly for the crew than for the passengers.

Answer the following questions using complete sentences
  1. Why is the cockpit glass-lined ?
  2. How clearly seen is the MAS logo ?
  3. How did the passengers walk towards the aircraft ?
  4. Give two ways in which the golden class seats differ from the economy class seats.
  5. Why must the safety belts be fastened ?
  6. Why were newspapers in such high demand ?
  7. According to the passage, why did time pass more quickly for the crew than the passengers ? Give two reasons.
  Fill in the blanks with one correct word from the passage.
  8. Top ______ is a skill which is difficult to master.
  9. In a church wedding, the bride walks down the ______ in the arm of her father to the music of the wedding march.
  10. During a sale, we can see customers wheeling their fully-loaded ______ from the supermarket to their cars.
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it is glass-lined so that the pilot can see what is outside.


The MAS logo stands out on the body of the aircraft.


They walked in an orderly manner, one behind the other.


The two ways in which the golden class seats differ from the economy class seats are: (i) The golden class seats are bigger. (ii) There are only four seats in a row for golden class eats whereas there are six for economy class seats.


It is for the safety of passengers during the flight.
  6. The passengers read newspapers to keep themselves occupied.
  7. Time passed more quickly for the crews. This is because (i) The crew had much to do to serve the passengers. (ii) All that the passengers did was to eat and read newspapers.
  8. spinning
  9. aisle
  10. trolleys

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