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Have you faced the inevitable when your car gets a scratch or dent from people who park too close to you or when a motorcyclist misjudges the gap and scrapes the fender on your car ? Well, these minor scrapes should not cause you too much concern, especially when you take your vehicle back to a 'Body and Paint Centre'. The B & P centers, located in most major towns, have all the facilities to get your car looking virtually as good as new for a very little cost. But best of all, they will give you the best job you can find for your car that comes with a guarantee too.

Big or small, the job is never too difficult for the B & P centers and each vehicle will be given the same four steps in making your car smile again. firstly, the surface ahs to be prepared for proper paint adhesion. This means that any dents are taken out and where necessary, putty is used to smoothen parts that have either been welded or knocked back into place. The quality of the putty is important as poor quality putty will crack over time. After the putty is applied and cured, sanding is done to ensure that there are no rough edges where the putty and original bodywork meet.

The base primer is then applied. The correct primer is critical for different surfaces and this must be carefully matched to the different kinds of paintwork, such as metallic and mica. Once the primer has been cured, the surface is cleaned. this is to ensure that the surface is dust and grease-free. even hand marks that are invisible to the naked eye can cause paint defects, so solvents are used to clean the surface of all contaminants. Once all the surfaces have been cleaned and the surrounding areas masked off with special non-absorbent sheets, the vehicles get pushed into temperature-controlled booths for the spray job.

The spray painting process itself starts with careful matching of the color. Each of these B & P centers are equipped with paint-mixing equipment that is able to provide the painters with a tint that is as close as possible to what is on the vehicle. While most paints may look the same under normal daylight conditions, it can look very different under different light sources, a phenomenon known as Metamerism. This i why B & P centers have special light boxes which are lit using different lighting to perfectly match the color and tint of the vehicle to be painted. The B & P centers work closely with the assembly plant as well as the paint manufacturer to ensure that the exact formulation is achieved consistently.

Once the paint is matched, the spray painter has to prepare the temperature of the booth to set the curing requirement of the paint thinner. Different paint processes also require different temperature settings, so the spray painter will have to follow strict procedures to get consistent results. Filtration from he top and bottom of the booth ensures that no dust or overspray settles back on the vehicle that would otherwise rob the surface of a brilliant shine. Each vehicle undergoes a complete process of respray, including a base coat, color coat and top coat. Then it receives three layers of lacquer to give it that deep sheen. Once the paint is cured in the booth, it is pushed out and polished. Here it also undergoes a final QC before being released to the customer.


(a) What is the 'inevitable' that the writer was referring to ?

(b) Why shouldn't one be too concerned with it ?


(a) What does the expression 'making your car smile again' mean ?

(b) Explain the use of 'putty'.


(a) Give one example of the 'contaminants' to the surface of the car.

(b) How are the contaminants got rid of ?


(a) What is meant by 'Metamerism' ?

(b) How can it be overcome ?


(a) How does the spray painter ensure that the right temperature setting is used for spraying ?

(b) What is the last process before the resprayed car is released to the customer ?

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(a) He was referring to a scratch or dent on a car.

(b) One can have the scratch or dent repaired.



(a) It means making your car look as good as new again.

(b) It is used to smoothen parts of dents that have been welded or knocked back into place to prepare for paint adhesion later.



(a) Dust

(b) They are got rid of by using solvents.



(a) It refers to a phenomenon in which the paint of a car may look different under different light conditions.

(b) It cab be overcome by having special light boxes which are lit using different lighting to perfectly match the color and tint of the vehicle to be painted.



(a) He just follows the strict procedures to get the result required.

(b) It must pass the final QC.


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