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Anwar was adamant. He wanted to get the sugar apples for his pregnant wife. He wanted the best for his first-born. With only a plastic bag to put the apples and armed with a short blunt knife, he tracked into the abandoned plantation where a few good sugar apple trees still stood. As he was about to place his foot forward, something darted across his path.

"Horrible lizard!" He hastily stamped on it till the lizard was just a sticky blob on the ground. He continued on his way; his heart trembled all the way to his destination.

He was aware of the reason for the hasty abandonment by the owners. Lately, the attacks were getting more rampant and they were not taking any chances. They had abandoned their lucrative business and moved elsewhere that was safer.

Anwar knew of the dangers but he had not seen them. Besides, the last attack had occurred a few months ago and ever since then, there had been no news of any new attacks. Anwar made his way deeper and deeper into the forgotten orchard.

Soon, the trees came to view. Anwar's heart leapt with joy to see the branches hanging low, straining under the massive weight of the countless apples. His heart trembled again, this time jubilant. With deft limbs, he climbed up and helped himself. He ate as if there was no tomorrow. It was not very often that he could eat his fill.

About fifteen fruits later, he started to choose the ripest, biggest, juiciest ones to bring back home. Suddenly, he heard loud grunts. Anwar froze. No, it could not be! He told himself to keep calm. However, his worst fear came true. He looked down only to have his eyes locked in a hungry stare. They had arrived!

The bag of sugar apples fell on the head of one of the two dragons that had appeared out from nowhere. Anwar gave out a blood-curdling scream that was promptly drowned by grunting and hissing.

Anwar scrambled higher though there was hardly any great distance between him and the dragons. Sugar apple trees are but just stumps.

The dragons, attracted by the smell of the fruits initially, began to get excited by a newer smell-fresh meat! They lifted their front legs and were practically standing up against the trunk of the apple tree like excited dogs seeing their owners. However, the similarity ended there. They_ were gruesome creatures and as they lunged forward, Anwar screamed even more as he took in their serrated teeth.

Anwar did not know when the screaming would stop. He tried to inch higher but the fragile branches towards the end of the tree broke and he lost his balance. Down to the ground he fell, his whole life flashing by. It was only a short distance down but to Anwar, it felt like eternity.

He fell right on top of one of the two dragons, his body cushioned by the impact of the fall somewhat but his troubles had not ended. Instead, they had just begun!

Komodo Dragons can grow up to three metres long. They can weigh as much as 70 kilograms, have shark-like serrated teeth and a bite that can be deadly. Their saliva contains roughly 50 different known bacteria strains, so infection is a risk.

Anwar had no scientific knowledge about these dragons. All he knew was his end was near. He fell to the ground and with blinding speed, one of the jaws of the prehistoric reptile sunk deep into him.

Just as he was about to give up, he heard footsteps and gunshots.

"Help ..."

Answer the following questions using complete sentences
  1. Why did Anwar want to go to the plantation ?
  2. What could have attacked the orchard owners, making them abandon their plantations ?
  3. Why was Anwar sure that he would not be attacked ?
  4. Quote a word that shows that Anwar was good at climbing.
  5. What tells you that Anwar was not a rich man ?
  6. Did Anwar know what was at the base of the tree he was on even before he looked down ?
  7. How was Anwar discovered ?
  8. Why did Anwar not break any bones when he fell from the tree ?
  9. Even if one escaped from a Komodo Dragon after being bitten, why can it still bring about death ?
  10. How do we know that the Komodo Dragon is fast ?
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He wanted to get sugar apples for his pregnant wife to eat.


The Komodo Dragons could have attacked.


There had not been any attacks lately.


It is 'deft'.


It was not very often that he could eat to his heart's content.
  6. Yes, he knew as he had heard loud grunts and told himself to keep calm as his fears might just come true, even before he looked down.
  7. It was the smell of the fruits that led the Komodo Dragons to his location.
  8. He fell right on one of the Komodo Dragon's back and this protected him.
  9. The saliva of the Komodo Dragon contains bacteria that can bring about infections.
  10. It moves in blinding speed.

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