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All the guests were received with great honor. They were housed in beautiful palaces. They were feasted and entertained most splendidly. On the marriage day, the royal guests set out in their best clothes and jewels. They assembled on one side of a large field which was fenced on all sides. The King of Khosla arrived with his family, his ministers, court officials, and friends. He told the big gathering that his daughter, Satya, would marry the first prince who could yoke the seven wild bulls together. He then ordered the contest to begin.

The ceremony began with the beating of drums and the sounding of bugles. The pipers and trumpeters joined in. The music was exciting. Seven large cages were brought in. The attendants opened the doors of the cages. Seven huge, fierce-looking bulls rushed out. They moved about, challenging everyone. Every prince desired to win Satya and wanted to get in first to try his luck. Many of them rushed in together, in the hope of yoking the wild bulls. One king, who had won many battles and thought he was the strongest man to enter the contest, walked boldly towards one of the wild bulls. the bull charged at him with great force. Hew as tossed, and he fell to the ground. The bull followed him but the brave man got up and ran for his life.

A prince, one who had killed many wild animals, rushed at one of the bulls. The bull gored him and he fell down unconscious. Another prince approached a bull. But he then felt frightened and ran out of the field. One prince who tried to catch one of the bulls was kicked by the animal. He withdrew with a broken leg. All the kings and princes fried their best but none of them was able to catch the bulls and yoke them together. Everybody was upset. Some of the princes said that the King of Khosla had set an impossible task for them. They said that the King must choose one of them to marry his daughter. They argued that the marriage had been fixed and it must take place. The King of Khosla was very sad that the contest had failed. He ordered the bulls to be put back in their cages and taken away.

Suddenly, a new prince arrived in a chariot. It was Krishna. Krishna wanted to try his luck in the contest to win Satya. The King welcomed Krishna and told him about the terms of the contest. The defeated kings and princes looked on. The wild bulls were all standing in a row, with their heads raised high, as if celebrating their victory. Then they saw another man walking boldly towards them. They stared at him; he stared at them. For the first time the bulls seemed frightened. Krishna was strong and clever. He knew how to tackle these wild animals. Slowly, he walked around, caught the bulls one by one, and firmly yoked them together. The kings and princes were surprised. There were loud cheers for Krishna. The drummers, pipers, and buglers went into action with exciting loud music. The King of Khosla greeted Krishna. He placed Satya's hand in Krishna's. There was joy on all sides.

Answer the following questions using complete sentences
  1. Why wasn't there a bridegroom at the beginning of the wedding ceremony ?
  2. How did the King of Khosla show his enthusiasm about the contest ?
  3. The ceremony at the beginning was a very noisy one. Where did the noise come from ?
  4. Describe the eagerness with which the suitors tried to win Satya's hand in marriage.
  5. Why did the king think his contest had failed ?
  6. What did the defeated kings and princes try to make the King of Khosla do ?
  7. Krishna approached the bulls differently from the others. How did he do it ?
  8. How did everyone feel about Krishna's victory ?
  9. Whose happiness do you think matched that of Krishna ?
  10. Do you think a contest like this is a good way of choosing a husband for a princess ? Why ?
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The bridegroom had not been chosen yet.


He invited many guests to witness the contest.


It came from the music of the drums, bugles, pipes and trumpets.


They all rushed in together to try to be the first to complete the task.


He thought it had failed because nobody succeeded in yoking the wild bulls.
  6. They tried to make the king choose one of them to marry his daughter.
  7. He did it slowly, and he tackled them one by one.
  8. Everyone was very happy for Krishna.
  9. I think the king's happiness matched that of Krishna's.
  10. Yes, I think it is. It makes sure that her husband is a brave and strong man who will be able to lead the country.

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