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There were many girls at the party, but I couldn't help noticing her. She was attractive in a different way. Her smile lit the room and her voice reminded me of soft bells. She spoke to her friends just three feet away from where I stood, eavesdropping near the buffet table while trying to look uninterested.

It was an impromptu party, organised soon after the final SPM exams. I was invited because the party was at my best friend Michael's house. Michael is very popular with the Convent girls. Well, there is also the fact that I knew how to use a barbeque set properly.

Although I was outspoken and funny with the guys, I froze around girls. Pretty girls in nice dresses made me completely tongue-tied. They just seemed so mature and refined. Roger, as usual was boasting about his recent overseas holiday. How I wished that I was as tall and as rich as he was. He was now talking to her and I knew I didn't have a chance.

Suddenly, she left Roger's company and came over to the buffet. I was about to faint in fright. She said a soft 'Hello' and I mumbled something back. She asked me if I was 'T.J', and we struck a conversation that lasted most of the night. I was on cloud nine. I even had the chance to take her home on my bike.

As I negotiated a corner in my dreamlike state, a stray dog ran across the road. I lost control of my bike and we landed in a ditch. Covered in mud and bruises, we lay in the ditch too stunned to move. I crawled over to her and asked her if she was okay. She managed to sit up. Luckily, she suffered just a few scrapes and a twisted wrist. I was even luckier as I was none the worse for being flung into a ditch.

At that time, mobile phones were unheard of. Luckily there was a public phone twenty feet away. I called Michael and Roger, who immediately dispatched a noisy posse of bikers. We were taken back to the house as Michael's parents had just come home, and his mother was a nurse. While Janet's wounds were cleaned and and her wrist bandaged, I went upstairs to clean up and change into borrowed clothes.

When I came down, Janet had already gone home with her parents, who were informed of the mishap. That was the last I saw of her, as her parents forbade her from any more parties that involved Michael or me. Soon the STPM exams came and went. It was time to go to college or work. Many went to university while I settled for a job as I didn't do very well in the exams.

Some old friends had told me that Janet had gone to Singapore to study law. I joined a shipping line as a cadet officer and gave up on seeing her ever again. Years passed and one day I piloted my ship -- I was a captain by now-- into Singapore. While on shore leave, as fate would have it, I ran into Janet at Tangs on Orchard road. My heart skipped a beat and she smiled joyfully. We've been married for fifteen years now.


Answer the following questions using complete sentences



From paragraph 1, the author states that he was attracted to Janet because she was ______.



a) From paragraph 2, we can say that the party wasn't _____.

b) Give two reasons why the author was invited to the party.



From paragraph 5,

a) what caused the author to lose control ?

b) which phrase means not injured ?



From paragraph 7,

a) what word means accident ?

b) why did Janet's parents forbid her from parties ?



In your own words, give two reasons why the author had given up on seeing Janet again.


Based on the passage given, write a summary of :

* what happened during and after the party, and

* how he met Janet again and what happened thereafter

Your summary must not be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below

Although he was outspoken and popular among the guys, he ...

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a) planned.

b) (i) He was Michael's best friend. (ii) He knew how to use a barbeque set.



a) a stray dog

b) none the worse



a) mishap

b) They were afraid she would get into trouble by keeping company with Michael and the author.



She had gone to Singapore and he had gone to sea.

  6. Although he was outspoken and popular among the guys, he was tongue-tied around girls. So he hung around the buffet envying his friend, Roger. Suddenly the girl came over and introduced herself and soon they were talking all night. That night he sent her home on his motorcycle. Along the way, a stray ran across the road. He crashed his motorcycle and Janet suffered some injuries. They went back to the party venue and the girl's parents took her home. After that, he never saw her again a she was forbidden to see him. He soon finished school and joined a shipping line. He also heard that she had gone to Singapore. One day, years later, he sailed into Singapore and met her. They became friends and soon were married. (130 words)

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