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Common  Mistakes

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Chinese Style She is taller compared to Ali.
American Style She is taller than Ali.
Chinese Style I hope you would do it quickly.
American Style I hope you will do it quickly/
In Standard English would is used in conjunction with the past tense. It can be used with the present tense if a condition is involved. eg. [ I think she would benefit if she studied a little more. ]
Chinese Style I want to know what is the matter.
American Style I want to know what the matter is.
Chinese Style He cut his hair.
American Style He had his hair cut.
Chinese Style I'm having a headache.
American Style I have a headache. OR I've got a headache.
  Have/has is used to refer to possession ( I have a car ) or sensation ( I have a cold )
Chinese Style I'll give to you next week.
American Style I'll give it to you next week.
Chinese Style My one is very nice.
American Style Mine is very nice.
Chinese Style Though I told him not to come but he insisted.
American Style Though I told him not to come he insisted.

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