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Chinese Style He got 87 points in chemistry.
American Style He got an 87 in chemistry.
Chinese Style Chang is a popular name in Taiwan.
American Style Chang is a common name in Taiwan.
Chinese Style I'm a public servant.
American Style I work for the government.
Chinese Style

She is pure.

American Style She is naive.
Chinese Style

I have a question to you.

American Style I have a question to ask you.
Chinese Style

This book deserves to read several times.

American Style This book deserves to be read several times.
Chinese Style

I like red tea.

American Style I like black tea.
Chinese Style

History repeats.

American Style

History repeats itself.

Chinese Style

I make a rule of going to bed early and get up early.

American Style I make a rule to keep early hours.
Chinese Style I went to the sea.
American Style

I went to the beach.

Chinese Style The door was shut when I returned home.
American Style The door was closed when I returned home.
Chinese Style Shall we sit in that sofa ?
American Style Shall we sit on that sofa ?

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