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Common  Mistakes


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Chinese Style Don't step on the grass.
American Style Keep off the grass.
Chinese Style

I get my salary twice a month.

American Style I get paid twice a month..
Chinese Style Would you like a drink ?
American Style Would you like something to drink ?
Chinese Style Let me examine your pulse.
American Style Let me feel your pulse.
Chinese Style I have no exercise talent.
American Style I am not athletic.
Chinese Style Don't expect me too much.
American Style Don't expect too much from (of ) me.
Chinese Style

I forget my hat in the house.

American Style I left my hat in the house.
Chinese Style

Lend me some money, for instance 500 dollars, Lin

American Style Lend me some money, say 500 dollars, Lin
Chinese Style

I have a free time.

American Style

I am free.

Chinese Style

The sun rises from the East.

American Style The sun rises in the East.
Chinese Style

The thief got in from the window.

American Style The thief got in through the window.

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