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Chinese Style The football's players wives often watch them play.
American Style The football players' wives often watch them play.
Chinese Style Please supply us with 12 pieces of cushion covers.
American Style Please supply us with 12 cushion covers.
Chinese Style Do you like to play the badminton.
American Style Do you like to play badminton.
Chinese Style I looked at me in the mirror.
American Style I looked at myself in the mirror.
Chinese Style He has a little interesting shop.
American Style He has an interesting little shop.
Chinese Style The frigthen women screamed.
American Style The frightened women screamed.
Chinese Style James is a matured man of forty.
American Style James is a mature man of forty.
Chinese Style Pak Dollah is very loved by his grandchildren.
American Style Pak Dollah is much loved by his grandchildren.
Chinese Style My report will stress on the problem of 'junk food'.
American Style My report will stress the problem of 'junk food'.
Chinese Style You shouldn't worry of getting married.
American Style You shouldn't worry about getting married.

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