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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as ugly as a bear ( as an ape )   as unfeeling as rocks  
  as ugly as a scarecrow   as unhappy as King Lear  
  as ugly as sin   as universal as seasickness  
  as ugly as a toad   as universal as light  
  as unapproachable as a star   as unmerciful as the billows  
  as unattractive as a gargoyle   as unprofitable as smoke  
  as uncertain as the weather   as unreal as a dream  
  as unchangeable as the past   as unstable as the wind  
  as unclean as sin   as unstable as water  
  as uncomplaining as a lamb   as unsteady as the ocean  
  as uncompromising as justice   as unusual as a sailor on horseback  
  as unconquerable as chewing gum   as upright as a tower  
  as uncontrollable as the wave   as useful as a cow  
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