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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as game as a fighting cock   as glorious as the sun  
  as garrulous as a magpie   as glum as an oyster ( as mud )  
  as garrulous as an old maid   as gluttonous as curiosity  
  as gaudy as a butterfly   as good as gold  
  as gaudy as a peacock   as good as a play  
  as gay as a bullfinch   as gorgeous as a Sultan ( as the Heavens )  
  as gay as a lark   as graceful as a fawn  
  as gay as the spring   as graceful as a swan  
  as generous as a dream   as gracious as the morn ( as a duchess )  
  as generous as a lord   as grand as a victory ( as Greek statue, as the world )  
  as genial as sunshine   as grasping as a miser  
  as gentle as a dove   as grave as a judge  
  as gentle as a fawn ( as a turtle dove )   as grey as time  
  as gentle as a lamb   as grey as smoke  
  as gentle as sleep ( as falling dew )   as great as a lord  
  as glad as a fly ( as blooming tree )   as greedy as a hog ( as a cormorant )  
  as glib as glass   as greedy as a pig ( a wolf, a dog )  
  as glossy as a mole   as green as grass  
  as glossy as the finest silk   as grim as death ( as hell )  
  as gloomy as night   as gruff as a bear  
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