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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as ragged as Lazarus   as resistless as the wind  
  as rapid as lightning   as restless as ambition  
  as rare as a blue rose   as restless as the sea  
  as rare as a comet   as rich as Croesus ( as a Creole )  
  as ravenous as a winter wolf   as rich as a Jew  
  as real as the stars   as right as nails  
  as rebellious as the sea   as right as rain  
  as red as a cherry   as ripe as a cherry  
  as red as fire   as rosy as a bride ( as the morn )  
  as red as blood ( as a poppy )   as rotten as dirt  
  as red as crimson   as rough as hemp  
  as red as a rose   as rough as a storm  
  as red as scarlet   as round as a barrel  
  as red as a turkey-cock   as round as the O of Giotto  
  as refractory as a mule   as round as an orange ( as an apple )  
  as regal as Juno   as round as a ball  
  as regular as the clock ( as clockwork )   as round as a globe  
  as regular as sunrise   as rude as a bear  
  as relentless as fate   as rugged as a rhinoceros  
  as remote as a dream   as ruthless as the sea  
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