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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as languid as a love-sick maid   as light as thistle down  
  as large as life   as like as two herring  
  as lasting as the pyramids   as like as two beans  
  as lavish as the moon   as like as two peas  
  as lawful as eating   as like as two drops of water  
  as lawless as the stormy wind   as lithe as a panther ( as a tiger )  
  as lax as cut string   as little as Tom Thumb  
  as lazy as a toad ( as a lobster )   as little as a squirrel  
  as lazy as a pig   as lively as a cricket  
  as lazy as a ship in the doldrums   as loathsome as a toad  
  as lean as Sancho's ass ( as a lath )   as lonely as a deserted ship ( as the Arctic Sea )  
  as lean as a skeleton   as loose as a rope of sand ('loose' here means 'incoherent' as of a person's speech)  
  as lenient as soft opiates to the mind   as loquacious as Polonius  
  as level as a pond   as loud as a horn  
  as liberal as the sun   as loud as thunder  
  as lifeless as the grave   as lovely as Venus  
  as light as down   as lovely as the violet  
  as light as air   as low as the grave  
  as light as a butterfly ( 'light' here is opposed to 'grave')   as lowly as a slave  
  as light as a cork   as loyal as an apostle  
  as light as a feather ('light here is opposed to 'heavy' )   as loyal as a dove  
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