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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as dangerous as machine guns   as disappointing as wet gunpowder  
  as dark as a dungeon ( as pitch, as midnight )   as dismal as a hearse  
  as dead as a door nail ( as the Roman Empire )   as distant as the horizon  
  as dead as mutton ( as wood )   as dizzy as a goose  
  as dead as a herring   as docile as a lamb  
  as deaf as a beetle ( as the billows )   as dreadful as a gathering storm  
  as deaf as a post   as dreary as an Asian steppe ( as an empty house )  
  as deceitful as the devil   as drunk as a lord ( as a fiddler )  
  as deceptive as the mirage of the desert   as drunk as a top ( as fish, as a beggar )  
  as deep as despair   as dry as a biscuit  
  as deep as hell ( as the sea )   as dry as dust  
  as deep as a well ( as a draw-well )   as dry as a bone  
  as dejected as a wet hen   as dry as a mummy  
  as delicious as forbidden fruit ( as a dream )   as dry as a stick  
  as desolate as a tomb   as dull as ditch water ( as lead )  
  as devoted as a faithful dog   as dumb as any oyster ( as a mouse )  
  as devoted as a mother   as dumb as a statue  
  as difficult as a Greek puzzle ( as a beginning )   as dumb as stone  
  as dirty as a hog ( pig )      
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