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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as calm as a cat   as coarse as hemp ( as fustian )  
  as calm as a summer sea ( as glass, as death )   as cold as charity  
  as candid as mirrors   as cold as a dog's nose ( as a frog, as a corpse )  
  as careless as the wind   as cold as ice ( as marble, as a stone )  
  as cautious as a fox ( as a Scot )   as comfortable as coin  
  as certain as the rising of the morning sun ( as Christmas )   as common as pins ( as poverty, as dirt )  
  as changeable as the moon   as complacent as a cat  
  as changeable as the weather ( as a weather cock )   as confident as Hercules ( as justice )  
  as chaste as Minerva ( as a lily )   as conscientious as a dog  
  as cheap as dirt ( as lies )   as consoling as night  
  as cheeky as a young bantam cock   as contagious as a yawn  
  as cheerful as the birds ( as the day is long )   as contrary as black and white ( as light and darkness )  
  as cheerful as  a lark   as convincing as the multiplication table  
  as cheerless as the grave   as cool as cucumber  
  as cheery as a sunbeam   as costly as an election  
  as chill as death   as cozy as the nest of a bird  
  as chilly as a tomb   as countless as the stars ( as hairs, the desert sands )  
  as chubby as a cherub   as cowardly as a wild duck  
  as clammy as death   as crafty as a fox  
  as clean as a Dutch oven   as credulous as a child  
  as clean as a new pin   as crisp as new bank notes  
  as clear as a bell ( said of tones )   as crooked as a corkscrew  
  as clear as crystal   as cross as two sticks  
  as clear as daylight ( as rock water )   as cruel as Media ( as winter, as death )  
  as clear as day ( noonday )   as cunning as a fox ( as a monkey )  
  as clever as paint   as curious as fish.  
  as clumsy as a bear      
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