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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as haggard as specters   as heavy as lead  
  as hairless as an egg   as heavy as sand ( as a bag of sand )  
  as hairy as a gorilla   as helpless as a babe  
  as hairy as a mastodon ( a spider )   as hideous as the witch of Endor  
  as handsome as paint   as high as heaven ( as the stars )  
  as happy as a child ( as a sandboy )   as hoarse as a raven ( as a crow )  
  as happy as the day is long   as hollow as a drum  
  as happy as a king   as honest as a mirror  
  as happy as a lark   as hopeful as the break of day  
  as happy as a lord   as horny as a camel's knee  
  as hard as flint ( as granite, as steel )   as horrid as a murderer's dream  
  as hard as horn   as hot as fire ( as molten lead )  
  as hard as iron   as hot as a furnace ( as an oven )  
  as hard as nails   as hot as pepper ( as hell )  
  as hard as a stone ( marble )   as hueless as a ghost  
  as harmless as a babe   as huge as high Olympus  
  as harmless as a dove   as humble as a worm ( as Uriah Heep )  
  as harsh as truth ( as a grating wheel )   as humorous as wind  
  as hasty as a fire   as hungry as a hawk  
  as hateful as death   as hungry as a hunter  
  as haughty as a devil   as hungry as the grave ( as a church mouse )  
  as healthy as a May morning   as hungry as a wolf ( as a bear, as a horse )  
  as hearty as an oak   as hushed as midnight.  
  as heavy as an elephant      
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