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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as pale as a ghost   as plump as partridge  
  as pale as death   as polite as wax  
  as passionate as young love   as poor as a church mouse  
  as patient as the hours   as poor as Job  
  as patient as Job   as poor as Lazarus  
  as patient as an ox   as populous as an ant hill  
  as peaceful as sleep   as positive as a Scotsman  
  as persistent as a mosquito   as powerful as death  
  as piercing as light   as powerful as a lion  
  as placid as a duck pond   as powerless as an infant  
  as plain as a pikestaff   as pretty as a picture  
  as playful as a butterfly   as pretty as paint  
  as playful as a rabbit   as progressive s time  
  as playful as a kitten   as prolific as rabbits  
  as playful as a puppy   as proud as a peacock  
  as playful as a squirrel   as proud as Lucifer  
  as pleasant as health   as punctilious as a Spaniard  
  as pleased as punch   as punctual as a springtime  
  as plentiful as ants   as pure as a lily  
  as plentiful as blackberries   as pure as winter snow  
  as plump as mastiffs   as pure as faith  
      as purple as the heather  
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