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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as sacred as a shrine   as solid as bricks  
  as sad as night   as solitary as a tomb  
  as sad as doom   as soothing as the breath of spring  
  as safe as houses ( as the bank )   as sound as a bell  
  as safe as a tortoise under its shell   as sour as lime ( crab )  
  as safe as blackhouse ( a sardine )   as sour as vinegar  
  as salt as sea sponge ( as brine )   as spacious as the element  
  as salt as a herring   as speechless as a stone  
  as saucy as the wave   as spineless as a jelly fish  
  as scarce as hen's teeth   as spiteful as a monkey  
  as scarce as feathers on a fish   as spotless as snow ( as lilies )  
  as secret as thought   as spruce as an onion  
  as secure as the grave   as stale as old beer  
  as seedy as a raspberry   as stately as an oak  
  as selfish as a fox   as steadfast as a queen  
  as senseless as stones   as steady as the sun  
  as sensitive as a flower   as stealthy as a rock  
  as serious as a doctor   as stealthy as a cat  
  as serious as an owl   as stern as a judge  
  as shallow as a pan   as stiff as a poker  
  as shameless as sin   as stiff as a stone ( as a ramrod )  
  as shameless as a nude statue   as stiff as death  
  as shapeless as an old shoe   as still as a log ( as a statue )  
  as sharp as a needle   as still as the grave  
  as sharp as a razor ( as a thistle )   as still as a post  
  as sharp as a lance   as stink as a polecat ( as carrion )  
  as short as any dream   as stolid as a cow  
  as short as the life of a wave   as straight as an arrow  
  as shy as a schoolgirl   as straight as a candle ( as a lance )  
  as shy as the squirrel   as strange as a vision  
  as shy as the fawn   as strong as brandy  
  as sick as the dog   as strong as Hercules ( as Samson )  
  as silent as the grave ( as the dead )   as strong as a horse ( as a lion )  
  as silent as thought   as strong as an ox  
  as silent as the stars   as stubborn as a mule  
  as silent as a stone   as stupid as an ass ( as a donkey )  
  as silly as calves   as stupid as a sloth  
  as silly as a sheep ( as a goose, as a goat )   as stupid as a log ( as a post )  
  as simple as A B C   as stupid as an oak  
  as simple as a child   as subtle as a serpent  
  as sincere as sunlight   as sudden as a snap  
  as sleek as a mouse   as sudden as lightning  
  as sleepless as owls   as sulky as a bear  
  as slender as gossamer   as superfluous as a fifth wheel  
  as slender as a thread   as superstitious as sailors  
  as slippery as an eel   as supple as a snake  
  as slippery as ice   as sure as a gun  
  as slippery as a serpent   as sure as sunrise  
  as slow as a tortoise   as sure as death  
  as sly as a fox   as sure as fate  
  as small as atoms   as sure-footed as a goat  
  as small as a sixpence   as surly as a bear  
  as small as paint   as suspicious as a cat  
  as smooth as butter   as sweet as honey  
  as smooth as ice   as sweet as a nut  
  as smooth as glass ( as velvet )   as sweet as a rose  
  as smooth as oil   as sweet as sugar  
  as sober as a judge   as swift as an arrow  
  as soft as butter ( as down )   as swift as a deer  
  as soft as wool   as swift as a hare  
  as soft as velvet   as swift as a hawk ( eagle )  
  as soft as fur ( as silk, as putty )   as swift as lightning ( as a flash )  
  as soft as wax   as swift as thought  
      as swift as the wind  
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