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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as talkative as a magpie   as thin as a wafer  
  as tall as a giant   as thirsty as a sponge ( as Tantalus )  
  as tall as a steeple ( mast )   as thoughtless as a lark  
  as tall as maypole   as tidy as a candy shop  
  as tall as a poplar   as tight as a drum head  
  as tame as a sheep   as tight as teeth  
  as tame as a chicken   as tight as wax  
  as tame as a hare   as timid as a mouse  
  as tame as a house cat   as timid as a fawn  
  as taut as a fiddle string   as timid as a rabbit ( as a hare )  
  as tedious as a guilty conscience   as tired as tombstones  
  as tenacious as a bull-dog   as tough as leather ( said of food hard to chew )  
  as tender as a bud   as tough as nails  
  as tender as a chicken (i.e. in eating flesh )   as trackless as the sea ( as the desert )  
  as tender as a lamb   as tranquil as the summer sea  
  as tender as a shepherd   as transient as lightning  
  as tender as tears   as transparent as glass  
  as terrible as J ove   as treacherous as the memory  
  as terrible as hell   as tricky as an ape ( a monkey )  
  as thick as ants   as trivial as a parrot's prate  
  as thick as a cable   as troublesome as a monkey  
  as thick as thieves   as true as the gospel  
  as thick as hail ( as hailstones )   as true as steel  
  as thick as blackberries   as truthful as a knight of old  
  as thin as a groat ( as a lath )   as tuneless as a bag of wool  
  as thin as a rake      
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