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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as fabulous as Aladdin's ring   as flabby as a sponge  
  as faint as the hum of distant bees   as flat as a board  
  as fair as the morn ( as truth, as Eve in Paradise )   as flat as a flounder  
  as fair as a rose   as flat as a pancake ( as flat as the fens of Holland )  
  as faithful as the dog ( as the sun )   as fleet as a gazelle ( as a deer )  
  as faithless as fair weather   as fleet as a greyhound ( as Diana )  
  as false as dice   as fleet as the wind  
  as familiar as an oath ( as a popular song )   as flimsy as gauze ( as gossamer )  
  as far as the poles asunder   as foolish as a calf  
  as fast as a deer   as foul as slander ( as a sty )  
  as fast as a hare   as frail as a lily ( as flowers, as glass )  
  as fast as light   as free as the air ( as a breeze )  
  as fast as an eagle ( as a storm )   as free as thought  
  as fat as butter   as free as a fly  
  as fat as a pig   as free as a daisy  
  as fat as a porpoise ( as a whale )   as fresh as dew  
  as fat as a quail   as fresh as rose  
  as fat as a sheep's tail ( as a distillery pig )   as fresh as paint  
  as feeble as a child   as fresh as sea breeze  
  as fickle as the weather ( as friends, as the sea )   as friendless as an alarm clock  
  as fidgety as an old maid   as friendly as a puppy  
  as fierce as a lion ( as a tiger )   as frigid as an iceberg  
  as fierce as a famished wolf ( as wolves )   as frightened as Macbeth before the ghost of Banquo  
  as firm as faith ( as adamant )   as frisky as colts ( as a kitten )  
  as firm as a rock   as frisky as a lamb ( as a two-year-old )  
  as firm as steel ( as rocky mountains )   as frizzled as a lawyer's wig  
  as fit as a fiddle   as fruitful as Egypt  
  as fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians   as full as an egg is of meat  
  as fixed as fate      
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