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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as mad as a hatter   as mischievous as a kitten  
  as mad as a March hare   as mischievous as a monkey  
  as magnanimous as Agamemnon   as mobile as humanity  
  as malicious as Satan   as modest as a dove  
  as mean as a miser   as modest as a primrose  
  as meek as a dove   as monotonous as the sea  
  as meek as a lamb   as motionless as a corpse  
  as meek as a mouse   as mournful as the grave  
  as merciless as the grave ( as Othello )   as muddy as sheep dogs  
  as merciless as ambition   as mum as an oyster  
  as merry as a cricket   as mute as a fish  
  as merry as a lark   as mute as mice  
  as merry as spring   as mute as the tomb  
  as mild as a dove   as mute as the grave  
  as mild as moonlight   as mysterious as an echo ( as a sphinx )  
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