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A simile makes a direct comparison


  as bad as the itch ( as a blight )   as blithe as May  
  as bald as a coot   as blue as indigo ( as forget-me-nots )  
  as bald as a billiard ball   as blunt as a hammer ( as the back of a knife )  
  as bald as an egg   as boisterous as stormy sea winds  
  as bare as a stone ( as winter )   as bold as brass ( as a lion )  
  as barren as winter rain   as boundless as the ocean  
  as bashful as a schoolgirl   as bounteous as nature  
  as beautiful as the sunset ( as the rainbow )   as brainless as a chimpanzee  
  as big as an elephant ( as a whale )   as brave as a lion  
  as bitter as death   as brave as Achilles  
  as bitter as hemlock   as brief as time ( as a dream )  
  as bitter as wormwood   as bright as a new penny ( as a new shilling )  
  as black as coal   as bright as day ( as noonday )  
  as black as a crow ( as a raven )   as bright as the light ( as a lark )  
  as black as ebony ( as pitch, as a starless night, as ink, as soot )   as bright as silver  
  as black as pitch   as bright as button  
  as black as a starless night   as brilliant as a mirror  
  as black as sin   as brilliant as the stars  
  as black as jet   as brisk as a flea ( as a bailiff )  
  as black as a sloe   as brisk as a butterfly  
  as blameless as the snow   as brittle as glass  
  as blank as an empty bottle   as broad as Heaven's expanse  
  as blink as a bat ( as ignorance )   as brown as a berry ( as a bun, as hazelnuts )  
  as blind as a beetle   as brown as Mahogany  
  as blind as a mole   as buoyant as wings  
  as blithe as a butterfly   as busy as an ant  
      as busy as a bee ( as a nailer )  
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