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Fill in each blank with the correct word from the box. Use each word once only
(A) to (D) does (G) soon (K) near (N) despite
(B) for (E) did (H) around (L) until (P) among
(C) founded (F) such (J) up (M) found (Q) even

Have you ever seen a praying mantis ? It ___1___ look as if it is prying. The praying mantis is called as ___2___ as it is the only insect that stands on its back legs and its front legs are held upright like it is praying.

Do you know that unlike other insects that can be destructive ___3___ crops, farmers welcome this particular insect as it plays an important role in our natural environment. It lives ___4___ the leaves and twigs and waits for its prey. The praying mantis reacts quickly when an insect comes ___5___. It grabs its prey with its two front legs and eats it live. The praying mantis eats flies, grasshoppers, and months -- natural crop destroyers. Farmers love the praying mantis as it helps control the insect population ___6___ their crops.

The mantis is found in tropical climates of Northern Africa, Europe, and some parts of Asia. Some are also ___7___ in the United States and in fact the praying mantis is the state insect of Connecticut. It can be found there in May and June and they stay alive ___8___ the weather gets too cold.

Females lay ___9___ to 300 eggs. The eggs are laid in a liquid that hardens to protect the eggs. In the spring, the eggs hatch. the young mantis is called a nymph and when hungry, they scatter looking for small insects to eat. It is already very helpful ___10___ at a tender age !


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