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    New words


  What's the meaning of the word in italics ? 'That band are just so def !'
    (A) great  
(B) awful
    (C) modern  
    (D) old-fashioned  
2.   What's the meaning of the word in italics ? 'This government have introduced so many stealth taxes'
    (A) big taxes  
(B) small taxes
    (C) taxes which you can't see very easily  
    (D) unfair taxes  
3.   What do we call a young woman who drinks a lot of alcohol, watches sport and acts like a young man ?
    (A) alpha male  
(B) metrosexual
    (C) silver surfer  
    (D) ladette  
4.   What's the meaning of the word in italics ? 'We really larged it up on Saturday'
    (A) went drinking and dancing  
(B) went to the cinema
    (C) went shopping  
    (D) went to the gym  
5.   Which of the following technical words refers to an internet business ?
    (A) emoticons  
(B) dot com
    (C) upload  
    (D) techie  
6.   What's the meaning of the word in italics ? 'I usually have an afternoon power-nap in the office'
    (A) a meeting  
    (B) a phone call
    (C) a short sleep  
    (D) a coffee break  
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    Answers :

1. A    2. C    3. D    4. A    5. B    6. C


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