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  When you arrive at the airport, the first thing you do is go to ________.
    (A) reception  
(B) the check-in desk
    (C) the departure lounge  
    (D) the arrival desk  
2.   It's boring going on holiday with you, all you want to do is __________ on the beach.
    (A) take the sun  
(B) sunbathe
    (C) take a sun bath  
    (D) have a bath in the sun  
3.   Which of the following is NOT holiday accommodation?
    (A) guesthouse  
(B) youth hostel
    (C) B & B  
    (D) borstal  
4.   I love going away, but there's no place like __________.
    (A) house  
(B) the office
    (C) home  
    (D) my bed  
5.   It was the best holiday ever! We had a ________ of a time!
    (A) fish  
(B) shark
    (C) whale  
    (D) great  
6.   The nearest town was 80 km away, I mean really in the middle of _________.
    (A) nowhere  
    (B) somewhere
    (C) anywhere  
    (D) everywhere  
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    Answers :

1. B    2. B    3. D    4. C    5. C    6. A


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