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    Make, let and allow


  If we behave badly in class, our teacher ___________ stay late and do extra work.
    (A) must  
(B) lets us
    (C) allows us to  
    (D) makes us  
2.   My daughter's school _____________ the children to wear jeans and T-shirts - not like in my day!
    (A) makes  
(B) lets
    (C) has to  
    (D) allows  
3.   I hate school, the teachers make us _________ so much homework every day!
    (A) do  
(B) doing
    (C) to do  
    (D) did  
4.   On Friday afternoons our teacher sometimes lets us _______ home early.
    (A) go  
(B) to go
    (C) going  
    (D) went  
5.   When I was a boy we were made _________ correct school uniform at all times!
    (A) wear  
(B) to wear
    (C) wearing  
    (D) wore  
6.   'Excuse me sir, are we allowed ___________ dictionaries into the exam?'
    (A) take  
    (B) to take
    (C) taking  
    (D) took  
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    Answers :

1. D    2. D    3. A   4. A    5. B    6. B


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