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  After cheering his team in the final, he has a really _______ throat.
    (A) hurt  
(B) sore
    (C) pain  
    (D) ache  
2.   Which idiomatic expression does NOT describe being ill?
    (A) He's feeling a bit off colour  
(B) He's feeling a bit under the weather
    (C) He was at death's door  
    (D) He was like a bear with a sore head  
3.   When John got into a fight, he got a ____________.
    (A) black eye  
(B) blue eye
    (C) brown eye  
    (D) bruised eye  
4.   If you break your arm, the doctor will...
    (A) put your arm in plaster.  
(B) put a plaster on your arm.
    (C) wrap a plaster round your arm.  
    (D) wrap a bandage round your arm.  
5.   Which of the following would be carried out by a surgeon, not a doctor?
    (A) Take your temperature.  
(B) Check your blood pressure.
    (C) Listen to your chest.  
    (D) Give you an operation.  
6.   If you have a toothache you should take a ___________.
    (A) hurtstopper  
    (B) painstopper
    (C) painkiller  
    (D) achekiller  
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    Answers :

1. B    2. D    3. A    4. A    5. D    6. C


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