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    In a London pub


  Follow this story and complete the sentence: 1) John bought me a drink 2) I arrived at the pub. So, when I arrived at the pub, John __________ me a drink.
    (A) has bought  
(B) had bought
    (C) was buying  
    (D) bought  
2.   Which of the following would you NOT say at the bar?
    (A) half a lager  
(B) a bag of cheese and onion
    (C) It's my round  
    (D) a sliced loaf please  
3.   What might you do if you are attracted to a girl ?
    (A) speak out  
(B) chat her up
    (C) talk down to her  
    (D) talk it over  
4.   There are many ways to describe someone as drunk, which of the following is NOT correct?
    (A) he was 'as pissed as a newt'  
(B) he was 'as drunk as a lord'
    (C) he was out of it  
    (D) he drinks like a fish  
5.   Which of the following is NOT a type of wine?
    (A) Pink  
(B) Rosť
    (C) White  
    (D) Red  
6.   If you wanted to ask for a cigarette, what would be the most natural thing to say?
    (A) Could I trouble you for a cigarette?  
    (B) Give me a cigarette.
    (C) I wonder if you might be so kind as to give me a cigarette?  
    (D) Excuse me, could I have a cigarette?  
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    Answers :

1. B    2. D    3. B    4. D    5. A    6. D


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