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  Did you know Indonesia is home to a miniature deer - only 35cm high! How could we describe this animal?
    (A) huge  
(B) enormous
    (C) massive  
    (D) tiny  
2.   Did you know one of the _________ ape-men ever found was discovered in Indonesia - he lived over 500 000 years ago!
    (A) most early  
(B) more early
    (C) earliest  
    (D) earlyest  
3.   Indonesia is in a region with a lot of volcanoes. Three of the following adjectives can be used to describe a volcano, which word is NOT correct?
    (A) extinct  
(B) sleeping
    (C) dormant  
    (D) active  
4.   Did you know that the world’s largest Buddhist _________ can be found in Indonesia?
    (A) temple  
(B) church
    (C) mosque  
    (D) synagogue  
5.   Indonesia celebrates its ____________ on the 17th August with a big festival and holiday.
    (A) independence  
(B) independent
    (C) independance  
    (D) independant  
6.   Indonesia has the world's only living dragon - the Komodo. It can grow over 3m long. In old stories what could dragons blow from their mouths?
    (A) smoke  
    (B) fire
    (C) water  
    (D) gas  
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    Answers :

1. D    2. C    3. B    4. A    5. A    6. B


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