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  Most people in Mexico speak ___________.
    (A) Spain  
(B) Spanish
    (C) Spaniard  
    (D) Spanner  
2.   Did you know that according to the ancient Maya people's ___________, the world will end on June 5th 2012?
    (A) diary  
(B) calendar
    (C) notebook  
    (D) personal organiser  
3.   To make the cocktail 'Margarita' you have to use lots of freshly ___________ lime juice.
    (A) crushed  
(B) ground
    (C) squeezed  
    (D) squashed  
4.   In November a special celebration takes place called 'The day of the ________'. On these 2 days both children and adults, who have died, are remembered by the living.
    (A) died  
(B) dead
    (C) death  
    (D) dying  
5.   Mexicans usually have 2 family names; the father's family name and the mother's ________ name - the name she had before she got married.
    (A) single  
(B) unmarried
    (C) maiden  
    (D) spinster  
6.   Hot Mexican food often uses lots of chilli peppers. Which word below does NOT describe the taste of this type of Mexican food?
    (A) spicy  
    (B) fiery
    (C) chilly  
    (D) hot  


    Answers :

1. B    2. B    3. C    4. B    5. C    6. C


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