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    Jobs and work


  In these days of high __________, it's often difficult for young people to find a job.
    (A) disemployment  
(B) imemployment
    (C) unemployment  
    (D) inemployment  
2.   Before you get a job, you usually have to go for a(n) __________, when you will be asked a lot of questions about your suitability for the job.
    (A) questioning  
(B) interrogation
    (C) discussion  
    (D) interview  
3.   I hate __________, especially ironing - it's so boring!
    (A) housework  
(B) homework
    (C) jobs  
    (D) work  
4.   A: What do you do __________?

B: I'm a teacher, I teach in a primary school.

    (A) for a job  
(B) for money
    (C) for a living  
    (D) for life  
5.   Which adjective is the odd one out?
    (A) redundant  
(B) unemployed
    (C) sacked  
    (D) promoted  
6.   Which of the following words is NOT connected with stopping work?
    (A) pensioner  
    (B) apprentice
    (C) retire  
    (D) O.A.P.  
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    Answers :

1. C    2. D    3. A    4. C    5. D    6. B


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