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    Financial vocabulary


  I don't have any cash just now. I'm __________.
    (A) flat broken  
(B) no money
    (C) flat broke  
    (D) less money  
2.   She needs to ask her parents to lend her some money because she's already 250 pounds __________ at the bank.
    (A) overdraw  
(B) overdebt
    (C) overdebts  
    (D) overdrawn  
3.   Her company didn't make a profit again this year. She's really disappointed its still __________.
    (A) not make money  
(B) in the red
    (C) in the black  
    (D) no making money  
4.   They've found a house they really want to buy. Now they need to get a(n) __________ from the bank.
    (A) mortgage  
(B) interest
    (C) money  
    (D) loan  
5.   He gets a gross salary of 2,000 pounds a month but after __________ __________ he only takes home 1,400 pounds.
    (A) tax allowance  
(B) tax exile
    (C) income tax  
    (D) tax free  
6.   She worked really hard this year so she was given a 10% pay __________.
    (A) decrease  
    (B) inflation
    (C) extra  
    (D) increase  
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    Answers :

1. C    2. D    3. B    4. A    5. C    6. D


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