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The Warlords

The warlords

THE Warlords is a very emotional and arresting story about brotherhood and betrayal, and of sacrifice and survival. The English title sounds dignified and commanding, but it does not capture the essence of the movie as vividly as the Chinese title Tou Ming Zhuang ( which means "oath of brotherhood" in Mandarin ).

Three men meet under desperate circumstances and decide to take an oath of brotherhood. In this case, it is an oath taken in blood, hence the men's affections are very intense. They swear to remain true to one another, as they would die for one another.

The Warlords opens with the grim aftermath of battle, drawing gruesome anti-war images. The stark landscape is bleak. There is blood, sweat and tears and the film is grimy and gritty throughout.

Apart from his gripping and powerful storytelling, director Peter Chan ( Perhaps Love ) has assembled a stellar cast and crew. Thanks to action choreographer Ching Siu Tung, the battle scenes are spectacular.

The charismatic leading men -- anguished Jet Li, emotional Andy Lau and conflicted Takeshi Kaneshiro -- deliver their most riveting portrayals yet. Their unbridled passions drive a sequence of events that lead to the inevitable traffic resolution. Mainland Chinese director-actress Xu Jinglei holds her own in a role that leads to the unraveling of the brotherhood.

riveting   extremely interesting
unbridled   not controlled or limited
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The Warlords



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