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  The particles will ______ sink _______ float if you add more oil to the bottle.
    (A) neither, or  
  (B) either, nor

either, or

    (D) then, secondly  
2.   We have to attend ______ Bali's wedding and June's when we go home next week.


(B) either
    (C) neither  
    (D) also  
3.   ______ the principal's warning, we are afraid to leave school during class.
    (A) However  

Owing to

    (C) Consequently  
    (D) Subsequently  
4.   You may take driving lessons ______ you are able to pay for the lessons.
    (A) although  
(B) even if
    (C) so that  

provided that

5.   The hot weather is ______ the greenhouse effect. ______ the temperature has generally increased.
    (A) provided that, However  
(B) because, Nevertheless

due to, Consequently

    (D) so that, While  

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