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  Do not give up so readily ______ you will regret it later.
    (A) and  
(B) or
    (C) but  
    (D) since  
2.   I am not going to the concert with you ______ I have to visit my ailing grandmother.
    (A) when  
(B) and yet
    (C) because  
    (D) but  
3.   ______ she had invited me, I would not have attended her party.
    (A) If  
(B) Since
    (C) Despite  
    (D) Even if  
4.   ______ we have one more day, it is impossible for us to complete the work on time.
    (A) In spite of  
(B) Unless
    (C) Since  
    (D) Despite  
5.   ______ repeated warnings, they still went ahead with their plan.
    (A) Despite  
(B) In spite
    (C) Because of  
    (D) Due to  
6.   I reminded him to go early ______ he would not arrive late.
    (A) or else  
(B) and yet
    (C) so that  
    (D) but also  
7.   The meeting was ______ productive ______ ended as scheduled.
    (A) not only ... and yet  
(B) both ... and
    (C) both ... as well as  
    (D) not only ... but also  
8.   ______ Janet ______ Teresa should be held responsible for the mistake. It will not be fair to do so.
    (A) Either ... or  
    (B) Neither ... nor  
    (C) Both ... and  
    (D) Both ... or  

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