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  Your auntie is resting in the next room. So walk softly ______ disturb her.
    (A) so as to  
(B) in order to

so as not to

    (D) so that  
2.   ______ you are so interested, I won't persuade you to give up. ______ do check with the agent before you purchase it.
    (A) If, In order  

As, However

    (C) Unless, Though  
    (D) Because of, So  
3.   Tea should be served in every meeting ______ the members will not be sleepy.
    (A) although  
(B) even if
    (C) as  

so that

4.   ______ she adds salt. ______ she pours in the milk. ______ she beats the eggs.
    (A) Before, Second, Third  
(B) After, So, Then

First, Secondly, Finally

    (D) Then, So, Finally  
5.   The boys encountered lots of problems ______ trying to get to the island. ______ they managed to reach the island in time before the sharks came.

while, Nevertheless

(B) during, Nevertheless
    (C) then, However  
    (D) as, However  
6.   Sheila has not bothered to tidy up her room ______ her cousin came to stay.
    (A) then  


    (C) as  
    (D) in order  
7.   ______ her shortcomings, she is lucky to get the job.
    (A) However  
(B) As a result

In view of

    (D) Consequently  
8.   ______ the monsoon season, the fishermen managed to obtain a good income.
    (A) Even  
    (B) As  
    (C) Although  

In spite of

9.   Steven could not eat curry and ______ could David.
    (A) so  


    (C) either  
    (D) but  
10.   ______ Mr. Lee and Mr. Abdullah came to the company ______ the manager was not in.
    (A) As well as, and  

Both, but

    (C) Although, and  
    (D) Neither, but  

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